Enola Holms, a poetic and beautiful film, a must see on NETFLIX


Since I watched Amélie, the brilliant, romantic and poetic French film directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet that carried a treasure of classy humor, I have been exploring the world cinema to find other films that could offer the same qualities. It took almost twenty years for me to watch another film as good as Amélie. NETFLIX’s Enola Holms holds an incredible level of delicate imagination and a wise and clever sense of humor.

Enola Holmes is about a clever and independent teenage girl that happens to be Sherlock Holms younger sister. Enola has had a very close relationship with her imaginative mother that has always encouraged Enola to stand up for herself and be a dreamer.

Upon the arrival of her brothers Mycroft and Sherlock home, her mom, Eudoria, disappears and there is suspicion that she might have been kidnapped. Mycroft wants to send Enola to a boarding school and she escapes the house in order to go to London and find her missing mother.

The rest of the film is adventure after adventure, and they are masterfully developed and are reminders of the most exciting and interesting classic adventure and comic books.

The look of Enola Holms is breathtaking, and every scene of this periodic film is like well thought and designed painting, thanks to brilliant cinematography of Daniel Pemberton.

Harry Bradbeer, proves to be a very talented and creative film director and from a screenplay by Jack Thorne.

Millie Bobby Brown as Enola has a wonderful performance and overcomes the challenges of playing a character that while involved with other characters, also talks to the audience.

I strongly recommend watching Enola Holmes on NETFLIX


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