Editing is an integral part of filmmaking, say editors


Have you ever thought how cool and spine-chilling the teaser or trailer of a film was? All thanks to the work done by the editor, who puts everything together in the most perfect manner and serves it to you on a pretty impressive platter.

Editing is one of the most important parts of the post-production work of a film, which can make as well as break it. Here is what two editors — one, a senior and another, a junior — have to share with us: how technology has made their work easier than earlier.

Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao, a senior editor, who has worked for several films, says, “There was no proper equipment earlier and it used to take a lot of time to edit a film. And, if it had to be re-edited, the same procedure — and the accompanying difficulty — had to be repeated. It is good that technology has improved and young editors have a chance to work with ease now.”

Compared to the usual films, animation and graphic films need a lot more hard work and research. To make graphics and other visuals better, one has to be familiar with the latest technology software(s) and updates.

Satya, whose first film was Express Raja, is now working for Nani’s Krishnarjuna Yudham. He says, “Editing needs a lot of time, and with the latest tools and software available to us, the work can be made easy with excellent outputs. Those who would like to come into this field must make sure that they update themselves with all the necessary knowledge.”

Editing is to basically “put everything in order, according the director’s vision”. “It is the editor’s job to see how effectively the story can be conveyed — by having a clear vision about the story requirements and chopping off the unnecessary content,” adds Satya.

Written by Bhawana Tanmayi for Telangana Today


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