Brave New Films’ FOLLOWING THEIR LEAD: YOUTH, April 8th, New York


The Ford Foundation is hosting an event on April 8th for Brave New Films‘ FOLLOWING THEIR LEAD: YOUTH IN ACTION series.  Rohan Chand the young actor from BAD WORDS and MOWGLI will be introducing the organizations in this event.

Anyone interested to social justice issues would like to be in the ‘room where it happens’.  Historically, that room has been strictly limited and the people who are most directly affected by the outcomes discussed in these rooms aren’t invited to participate.

Here is our video interview with Jim Miller, Executive Director of Brave New Films.

On April 8th Brave New Films will share with you the fruits of our labor and introduce you to four powerful organizations where youth leaders have broken through decades old barriers to not only shift attitudes but create lasting change.  Brave New Films will be presenting some of their work and having a conversation with them, and the audience, about youth leadership and the necessity of inter-generational partnerships.  Brave New Films is intentionally bringing together organizational leaders of all ages, legislators and donors for 2 hours of conversation about inclusion and partnership.


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