AZAR creates a lousy cliche for an independent woman


Azar, a new feature drama from Iranian Cinema, carries the name of its main female character.  Azar’s husband, Amir (Hamid Azarang) and his cousin, Saber (Houman Seyyedi) are planning to start a fast-food restaurant together and they need Saber’s father financial help. Saber is killed accidentally during an argument with Amir, Azar’s husband ends up in jail.

The film suffers from a weak and confusing screenplay.

The images in a supposedly feministic concept, deal with a subject that is against the movie promise, has no sign of women’s dignity or values of a woman as a wife. But instead film by distorting the images of devotion of the women makes you disappointed.

One should be completely short-sighted thinking that just by showing a women riding a motorcycle, you will attract the sympathy of women audiences, such a foolish thought!

Dignity belongs to the kind of a pregnant women with an addicted husband, carrying a toddler on the back, weaving a carpet to survive.

Azar (Niki Karimi) does not accept a temporary divorce even if it could save her husband from execution, while she has been a witness of his husband’s innocence. During the whole film, the audience never get to understand the reason for animosity of Amir’s uncle towards Azar. How on earth in an Iranian traditional family relationship an uncle could play a crucial part.

Camera generously every now and then gives the gift of a still beautiful Miss Karimi’s close-up to the audience. But did we go through the torture of Tehran’s crazy traffic to go to the movie theater to enjoy watching Niki’s face?

Even the performance of the two masters of acting, Hamid Azarang and Houman Seyyedi can not save the low acting quality of the film, specially when it is accompanied by “ice cold” acting of Niki Karimi.  Sorry to say, but I could not recognize even any sign emotion on her beautiful face.

Let me add to all this the boring visual style of the film. (the guy next to me was snoring!)


Dear film director, don’t try to create such a lousy cliche for an independent woman please!

For sure you do not have a good understanding of the meaning of women sacrifices.

Director: Mohammad Hamzei
Writer: Ehsan Biglari
Stars: Niki Karimi, Shirin Aghakashi, Hamid Reza Azarang, Pejman Jamshidi


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