Author: Yeganeh Taheri

Yeganeh Taheri, a graduated as a film editor from School of Television and Cinema in 1980 and left Iran for Germany in 1989 where she started her career as a stage actress. Yeganeh’s first performance on stage was with Farhad Majedabadi in A House in a suitcase. This was followed by a few puppet shows for kids in TV with Nargess Vafadar (The stories of Ghandi and his Mother & Jewel Box) and two other acting performance directed by Nilufar Beyzaee (Marjan, Mani and a few small problems & Face to face at the threshold of the cold season). Yeganeh Taheri approached photography starting a decade ago and her photos shows her keen eyes for picking interesting subjects and compositions. She has covered many different subjects in her photos, including photos from theater performances. Yeganeh Taheri still lives in Germany and beside photography spends her time on translation of children stories between two languages of Farsi and German.

2019 LUCAS – International Festival for Young Film Lovers opens on September 19th  and continues until September 26th. Unlike most of the other children and young adults film festivals around the globe that have a  conservative approach in their film selections, Lucas is a progressive film festival with a very good understanding of the young generation of our time. LUCAS – International Festival for Young Film Lovers goes beyond being just a festival and is actually an active organization in helping children and young adults to be part of the festival as jury members and by training them to have…

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