Author Ronny Coleman

Ronny Coleman

Born in Muskegon, Michigan, moving to Waukegan, Illinois at, the age of 13. Ronny was very involved in sports, breaking many records in track & field. He served in the US Navy, relocating to Southern California upon discharge and became a nurse for over 35 years. Ronny has also acted on stage, movies, and singing. Film credits include Going to Chicago (starring Clevon Little) and Murder by Numbers (starring Shari Belafonte) and Deep Impact (starring Morgan Freeman) and Polly Coming Home (starring Phylicia Rashad). Theatre experiences A Black History Experience, The Riot Act, Cinderella Brown, The Amen Corner, and 1-800-SAVE-ME at the Lee Strausberg Institute. As a member of H.B. Barnum's LIFE Choir performed with Barry White in Italy, Mary la Radowicz in Poland, Aretha Franklin, Natalie Cole, Neil Diamond, and Lou Rawls. Sang background vocals, acted as choreographer and MC for a James Brown tribute band, "Kings of Funk and Roll"!