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Ron Holloway

Ron Holloway was Born 26 November 1933 in Peoria, Illinois. University of Hamburg (1975). Dissertation on "The Religious Dimension in the Cinema, with particular reference to the films of Carl Theodor Dreyer, Ingmar Bergman, and Robert Bresson" (1975). Co-founded Chicago Center for Film Study (1962) and Cleveland Cinematheque (1980). Journalist, film historian, theater and arts critic. Correspondent for Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Moving Pictures, Financial Times (theatre), Herald Tribune (Eastern Europe), Kinema Canada, journals and newspapers in Europe and the United States. Author of six books on cinema and film history. Documentary filmmaker: Film - Made in Germany (ZDF TV) (1985), Sundance (ZDF TV on Sundance Institute) (1986), Klimov (Channel 4 TV on Russian director Elem Klimov) (1988), Parajanov documentary on Armenian director Sergei Parajanov invited to Venice festival) (1994). Journalist awards: Rockefeller Fellowship, Bundesverdienstkreuz (German Cross of Merit), Polish Rings, Gold Medaille Cannes, American Cinema Foundation Award, and Berlinale Kamera Award (with wife Dorothea Moritz), and Diploma for Support of Russian cinema Based in Berlin, the Holloways publish the journal KINO German Film & International Reports since 1979 and founded the website