Aurora Borealis wins GoE Bridging The Borders Award at Hungarian Film Festival LA


The opening/award ceremony of 2018 Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles was held on October 18th. Reception was at Safir Restaurant and award ceremony at Laemmle’s Royal Theater.

Bijan Tehrani and Susan Morgan cooper, jury members, both praised Bela and Bonnie Bunyik for their amazing effort to bring the best of Hungarian cinema to Los Angeles. Bijan Tehrani and Susan Morgan cooper then announced the winner of the GoE Bridging The Borders Award for the Best Film and read the jury statement: “When forced to take care of her aged mother, a daughter sets out to uncover the cause of the disconnect in their relationship. She discovers a chilling and unimaginable choice made by her mother during the war. Sponsored by GoEnergisticts, the Bridging the Borders Award goes to the film Aurora Borealis beautifully directed by Marta Meszaros”

Franciska Töröcsik, Aurora Borealis’ actress received the award on behalf of Marta Meszaros. The following is a video of the GoE Bridging The Borders Award announcement and a short interview with Franciska Töröcsik:

Other award winners were: 

Best Actress, Franciska Torocsik & Victoria Tarpai
Best Actor, Milan Csordas
Best Director, Marta Meszaros
Best Cinematographer, Tibor Mathe & Gabor Halasz
Best Screenplay,Marta Meszaros, Eva Pataki and Zoltan Jancso
Best Documentary, Tuza-Ritter Bernadett
Best Director Future TV Film, Laszlo Vitezy
Best Short TV Film, Linda Dombrovszky
Animation, Líviusz Gyulai
Alex Friedman Humanitarian Award, Attila Szasz
Life Time Achievement Award, Marta Meszaros

Photos & video: Maya Hooshivar


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