Antonio Nuić, talks about Croatia’s Oscar Entry MALI


Mali is Croatia’s selection for the Best International Film Award at 2020 Academy Awards directed by  Antonio Nuić.

To learn more about Mali, we had an interview with Antonio Nuić for a podcast:

Mali is the story of Franjo, his son and his circle of friends. After spending four years in prison, Franjo hasn’t changed. He was, and still is, a drug dealer. His wife is dying, and her parents want to make him look as an incompetent parent in order to take away the custody over his son, Mali. However, Mali loves his father, and wants to live with him. Franjo‘s parenting methods are unconventional, but he has no intention of explaining them to anybody.

He also won‘t let anybody take his son away from him. For his 40th birthday, Franjo will receive a gift that will solve all his problems.

Antonio Nuić (Sarajevo, 1977) is a writer and director. He graduated in film and TV directing from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, Croatia, where he has been working as a professor since 2013.
He directed one of the stories in a feature-length anthology film Sex, Booze and Short Fuse (2004), after which he went on to write and direct All for Free (2005), Donkey (2009), and Life Is a Trumpet (2015).
He is a commissioning editor at Zagreb Film Festival, as well as a member of the Croatian Film Directors‘ Guild Board of Directors.

written and directed by
Antonio Nuić
Boris T. Matić, Lana Matić
production company
Propeler Film
Franjo Dijak, Vito Dijak, Rakan Rushaidat,
Hrvoje Kečkeš, Bojan Navojec, Robert Ugrina,
Živko Anočić, Paško Vukasović, Iva Babić,
Ksenija Marinković
Jozo Patljak/ Alka Film
director of photography
Radislav Jovanov Gonzo
Hrvoje Štefotić
Marin Juranić
production designer
Nedjeljko Mikac
costume designer
Morana Starčević


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