Ali Murat Erkorkmaz, an artist and a genius with 15 cats, two dogs and a parrot


I met Ali Murat Erkorkmaz twenty years ago in an international animation conference in London. He was full of energy and new ideas and beyond that he was an inventor, and a genius in artificial intelligence.

Hollywood was too  too conservative to understand the future that Ali Murat was offering them. Using Ali Murat’s ideas Amazon and Apple could have presented Alexa and Siri much earlier.

After twenty years I contacted Ali Murat in Izmir, Turkey, where he resides, and interviewed him for a short film about his work and life:

Ali Murat Erkorkmaz graduated from Istanbul Technical University as an architect, he worked in various different areas, in science and art. Until 2020, he produced 63 television series, all animated, each series at least 52 episodes of half hours, 5 features and more than 4300 shorts and commercials.

He has over 200 patents on different technologies such as vertical take off systems for planes, photography chemicals, Stratosphere Satellites and water desalination systems.

Ali Murat also has produced software for real time animation, self producing filming, artificial intelligence, design and video manipulation. Among his works are Compishco, Rifki,MicroMacro and Liquid Data Format.

Now he is working on Robisapiens project, implementing artificial Intelligence and curiosity programming for robotic toys.


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