Winners of the 2016 Dublin Film Critics’ Circle Awards


Besides the Academy Awards this past Sunday, another award ceremony was taking place, the Dublin Film Critics’ Circle. Since 2006, every year, they have handed out awards for what they consider to be the best of the year. Here were the winners for 2016.
Best Film: Mustang
Best Director: Lucile Hadzihalilovic, Evolution
Best Cinematography: Matyas Erdely, Son of Saul
Best Actor: Alex Lawther, Departure
Best Actress: Monica Bellucci, Ville Marie
Best Ensemble: Green Room
Best Screenplay: Jaco Van Dormael, Thomas Gunzig, The Brand New Testament
Best Documentary: Heart of a Dog
Best Irish Film: Viva
Best Irish Documentary: Atlantic
Jury Award: Black Mountain Poets
Jury Award: Victoria
Jury Award: Anomalisa
Michael Dwyer Discovery: Ferdia Walsh Peelo, Sing Street;
George Byrne Lifetime Achievement: Mark O’Halloran


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