Ciro Guerra will Direct ‘The Detainee’


Impressed by the Columbian director of the Foreign Film Nominee Embrace of the Serpent, Thunder Road Pictures and Film House Germany have signed Ciro Guerra to direct The Detainee. This will be Guerra’s English-language directing debut.

The film will be an adaptation of Peter Liney’s novel of the same name. The dystopian Sci-Fi story goes as follows, “When the fog comes down… the inhabitants of the island tremble: for the punishment satellites – which keep the tyrannical Wastelords at bay – are blind in the darkness, and the islanders become prey. The inhabitants are the old, the sick, the poor: the detritus of Society, dumped on the island with the rest of Society’s waste. There is no point trying to escape, for the satellites – the invisible eyes of the law – mete out instant judgment from the sky. The island is the end of all hope – until ‘Big Guy’ Clancy finds a blind woman living in a secret underground warren, and discovers a reason to fight.”
Basil Iwanyk from Thunder Road and Christian Anermayer of Film House Germany will produce The Detainee, with executive producers Erica Lee, Gabriela Bacher, and Klemens Hallman.


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