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A spur-of-the-moment trip to the South provided unexpected inspiration to filmmaker Vera Mulyani, who will be screening two short films and a new animation project on Feb. 9, 2015 at a fundraising event in Santa Monica.

Following her passion for new creations, Mulyani traveled to Shreveport, La., for an inventors’ event. While there, Mulyani met the mayor of Shreveport, who was so impressed with her filmmaking background that he asked her to create a film to promote the city.

Despite the city’s beauty, what struck Mulyani most was the poverty she observed — especially children trying to make a life in unimaginable circumstances. That experience inspired Mulyani’s short film, “The Melody of Choice,” which tells the story of a gifted child who hears music in nature despite a challenging existence. He is a trash boy who collects cans and must ultimately choose between abandoning his dreams to become a great musician or moving ahead as his father’s life hangs in the balance.

Mulyani’s film was selected for the first annual Louisiana Film Prize in 2012 and Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival in France in 2014. Carole Warren and Scott Ryan sponsored as executive producer, and jazz musician Jonathan Batiste composed the score.

In addition to “The Melody of Choice,” Mulyani will be screening “Elah and the Moon,” which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival from 2009-2010. Mulyani wrote, produced and directed “Elah and the Moon,” for her thesis. The story is told like a visual poem, about a son who seeks love from his father and ends up repeating the father’s path.

Mulyani will also present her new animation project, “Parable of Colors,” with ANIMATION LIBATION STUDIOS,, a global animation studio that works with the brightest, most innovative international artists and professionals to create original content for Film and Television while still making it possible for newly emerging artists to work hand-in-hand with seasoned industry professionals from around the world.

“Parable Of Colors”, Mulyani’s eight volume set of illustrated children’s books, hopes to become a wide reaching animated film that speaks to all ages, reminiscent of the classic The Little Prince from Antoine de Saint Exupéry and The Giving Tree of Shel Silverstein, with a contemporary twist similar to that of Pixar’s animation film, Wall-E.

Mulyani’s characters are genius and eccentric artists, whose imperfections make them stumble upon their unique creativity to finally make their dreams come true.

The first of the series of “Parable Of Colors” will tell a story about Mr. White, who was once a brilliant painter who, over time, became a grumpy old man and gave up his passion for painting and abandoned any and all human socialization. Mr. White’s boredom forces him to commit the crime of stealing colors of the rainbow for his own interest and turns his entire village upside down with chaos and misery. It’s not until he realizes the suffering of his one and only friend, his willow tree, that Mr. White recognizes his selfishness and greed, and does what is necessary to right his wrong.

Mr. White’s journey helps him to discover that true happiness cannot be found amidst the suffering of others.

About Vera Mulyani
Mulyani’s French architecture background and discipline gave her a powerful foundation, supporting the freedom of her unique artistic expression in multi-disciplinary art forms and expertise; in Urban Design, Photography, Filmmaking, Conceptual Art, Creative Technology and Inventions. As an artist, she has exhibited in numerous highly reputable venues in the US, Europe and South-East Asia.

Born in Java, Indonesia, as a child, Mulyani grew up with three brothers, amidst poverty, religious warfare, constant illness, censorship in education and the repression of young women. Despite facing seemingly impossible circumstances, Mulyani believed that one day she, and her wild imagination, would travel the world and become a great artist.

Mulyani’s father, a gifted artist and inventor, taught her how to draw and sculpt. Mulyani’s mother encouraged her to be brave and unafraid of the great world, especially as a woman.

While still living Jakarta, at 15 years old Mulyani became a translator for a European Magazine, who later inquired about her artwork and in 1997 they helped Mulyani present a solo exhibition in Central, HongKong.

Mulyani sold her first series of colorful tempera paintings. French collectors who visited the exhibit recommended that she further pursue her career as an artist in Paris.

Mulyani and her family survived the 1998 terrorist massacre of Jakarta. Following this attack, Mulyani determined to create a better future abroad, and departed her homeland for Paris, France.

Mulyani dedicated her time to studying the French language and to her art. In 2000, she was accepted to both the Ecole des Beaux Art and Architecture School in Nantes. Mulyani spent almost a decade living in France and travelled to various other cities in Europe, earning her Masters Degree in Art and Architecture. She studied and worked for Rudy Ricciotti, the French “starchitect”, a dream job for most young architects. Her journey brought her the opportunity to design a famous Villa in the South of France and be part of the conceptual design team for The Louvre Museum project, in Lens. 

Mulyani moved to New York, and made a documentary about the city’s historical construction boom, and its ironic impact on the economy for her architecture thesis “ F* da Rules”. The process of making this documentary opened up a new passion for Mulyani and after just two years of living in New York, she returned to school to pursue filmmaking.

In 2009, Mulyani earned a second Masters Degree in Filmmaking for Writing, Directing and Producing. In an interview for her first major film, Mulyani explained the connection between Filmmaking and Architecture “…working with the unity of a creative team to achieve the same goal. The only difference would be that film making is like building a beautiful house in people’s hearts, with the hope that it can stand forever, as an inspiration for each person.”

Mulyani now resides in Southern California and has continued her journey in filmmaking and art, living her dreams. Most recently Mulyani became involved with the tech community in Silicon Beach, creating a platform for young architects and engineers (STEM) to unite creatively and to compete designing future sustainable cities on the planet Mars.

Details about the event:
The Edgemar Center for the Arts
2437 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Feb 9th, 2015, at 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

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