Firouz Naderi & Bijan Tehrani On VOA, NASA achievements and impact of cinema on NASA


This coming Wednesday, November 26, at 8:30 AM Pacific, VOA TV will have a 60 minutes program on new NASA achievements and impact of cinema on NASA and vice versa. Dr. Firouz Naderi the famous Iranian/American scientist and Director for Solar System Exploration at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Will discuss privatization of some of the space programs and NASA’s future plans.

Bijan Tehrani, Editor In Chief of Cinema Without Borders will address the relationship between filmmakers through history of film with NASA and influence of NASA on science fiction movies.

Firouz Michael Naderi (born in Kazerun, Iran) is an Iranian-American scientist and currently the Director for Solar System Exploration at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). In this role Naderi oversees JPL’s robotic solar system missions in planning (such as a mission to the Jupiter’s moon Europa) or, in development (InSight lander on Mars) and operating missions, including the Cassini orbiter at Saturn, the Dawn spacecraft at the giant asteroid Vesta, JUNO on its way to Jupiter. Prior to this new position, he was the Associate Director of JPL responsible for Project Formulation and Strategy, serving as the Laboratory’s senior official providing oversight of JPL new business acquisition and was the key strategic planning officer of JPL.

Bijan Tehrani, a filmmaker, critic and film historian had been writing articles about movies, specially international cinema over the last 35 years. Bijan had been also teaching language of filmmaking, short film screenplay writing and history of cinema in several colleges and he has been part of the jury of numerous international film festivals. Bijan Tehrani also writes humor columns and children books and he is in process of making a new documentary film.


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