36th Fajr Film Festival winners honored


The annual Fajr Film Festival (FFF) came to an end on Sunday at Tehran’s Milad Tower after presenting awards to the best of cinematic productions in the past year.
The event was attended by Iran’s First Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri, Culture Minister Abbas Salehi, Director of the 36th Fajr Film Festival Ebrahim Darougheh-Zadeh and Director of Cinema Organization of Iran Mohammad-Mahdi Heidarian.

The full list of winners are:
Best Film Crystal Simorgh was granted to ‘The Lost Strait’ by Saeed Malekan. The other nominees for the award were ‘Bomb: A Love Story’, ‘In the Levant Time’, ‘The Woodpecker’, ‘Underwater Cypress’, ‘Truck’ and ‘The Little Rusty Brains’.

Peyman Moadi, Farhad Asslani and HoumanSeyyedi

Simorgh from the National Point of View was given to Hamed Hosseini for ‘Underwater Cypress’ and Saeed Sa’di. Hooman Seyyedi managed to win the audience Crystal Simorgh for ‘The Little Rusty Brains’.

The nominees for Best Director award were Ebrahim Hatamikia for ‘In the Levant Time’, Bahram Tavakkoli for ‘The Lost Strait’ and Behrouz Shoeibi for ‘The Woodpecker’, Hooman Seyyedi for ‘The Little Rusty Brains’, Kambuzia Partovi for ‘Truck’ and Mohammad Ali Bashe Ahangar for ‘Underwater Cypress’. However, two Crystal Simorghs for Best Director went to Hatamikia and Tavakkoli.

The Special Jury Prize of the 36th edition of the festival went to ‘Bomb: A Love Story’ by Peyman Mo’adi.

Best screenplay awards were proudly presented to Kambuzia Partovi for ‘Truck’ (which he gave to Saeed Aqakhani) and Hooman Seyyedi for ‘The Little Rusty Brains’ which was his second award in the prestigious festival.

Appreciating all the six nominees in the best actor category, the jury awarded honorary diploma to Amin Hayaei for his performance in ‘Flaming’ and Amir Jadidi for ‘The Lost Strait’ and ‘Cold Sweat’.

The long list of nominees in the Best Actress category was made up of names such as Baran Kosari for ‘Cold Sweat’ and Sara Bahrami for ‘The Woodpecker’, Shabnam Moqadami for ‘Don’t Be Embarrassed’, Mahnaz Afshar for ‘Woodpecker’, Hanieh Tavassoli for ‘The Misunderstanding’ Mahoor Alvand for ‘Istanbul Juncture’, but the award was given to Sara Bahrami.

Crystal Simorgh for best supporting actress awards went to Sahar Dolatshahi for her role in ‘Istanbul Juncture‘ and ‘Cold Sweat’. She competed for the accolade with Leyli Rashidi in ‘Cold Swet’, Negar Abedi in ‘The Woodpecker’, Hoda Zeinolabedin in ‘Cold Sweat’.

This is while the Crystal Simorgh for best supporting actor award was given to Jamshid Hashempour for his role in ‘The Woodpecker’ (his daughter received the prize on behalf of her father).

Crystal Simorgh for Best Short Film was given to ‘AniMal’ by Bahram Ark, Bahman Ark.

Simorgh for Best Visual Effect went to Farid Nasser-Fassihi for the film ‘Istanbul Juncture‘ by Mostafa Kiayee.

Special Effect Simorogh was presented to Mohsen Roozbehani for the film ‘The Lost Strait’, but he was not present and his son received the award.

The Simorgh for Best Makeup Artist went to Saeed Malekan for ‘The Lost Strait’.

Abbas Bolvandi for the film ‘Underwater Cypress‘ won the Best Set Design Simorgh, while Sara Khaledi-Zadeh won the Best Costume Design Simorgh for the film ‘Bomb: A Love Story’.

Simorgh for the Best Sound Editing was given to Alireza Alavian for both ‘The Little Rusty Brains’ and ‘In the Levant Time’.

Rashid Daneshmand in the ‘the Lost Strait’ managed to win the Best Sound Recording Simorgh.

Karen Homayounfar for ‘In the Levant Time’ received the Best Music Simorgh while the Best Editing award was presented jointly to Bahram Dehqani and Behnam Najjarian for the film ‘Cold Sweat’.

Alireza Zarrindast won the Best Cinematography Crystal Simorgh for ‘Underwater Cypress’ defeating ‘Bomb: A Love Story’ (Mahmoud Kalari), ‘The Lost Strait’, (Hamid Khozouie Abyane), ‘Cold Sweat’ (Farshad Mohammadi) and ‘The Little Rusty Brains’ (Peyman Shadmanfar).

Best film in Art and Experience Cinema went to Hooman Seyyedi in the film ‘The Little Rusty Brains’.

Reza Maqsoodi won the Best Debut Simorgh for the film ‘Don’t Be Embarrassed’.

The panel of jury for the official competition included filmmakers Kamal Tabrizi and Rasoul Sadr-Ameli, cinematographer Bahram Badakhshani and film expert Hassan Khojasteh.

Film critic Khosro Dehqan, producer Fereshteh Taerpur and actor Mohammadreza Foroutan were other members of the jury.


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