An interview with Antoni Pawlicki about his performance in BIG LOVE that will be screened at Polish Film Festival Los Angeles


BIG LOVE happens in a big city in Poland. Emilia, 16 years old, meets handsome and manly Maciek (played by Antoni Pawlicki) who is seven years older than her. Maciek introduces the girl to the fascinating world of passion. However, the fascination gradually fades away. Emilia gets admitted to university, she wants to discover the world, to get to know other people, to become independent of Maciek. The romantic idyll is coming to an end, the relationship becomes toxic for both sides…

BIG LOVE will be screened at 2014 Polish Film Festival, Los Angeles.

Antoni Pawlicki (playing Maciek in BIG LOVE) was born on 1983 in Warsaw.  Antoni graduated of Theatre Academy in Warsaw. He was awarded Best Actor Award at the Bratislava International Film Festival and at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival for his part in RETRIEVAL (Z odzysku). In Poland for his performance for the same part he received Best Actor Debut Award at the Wrzesnia Polish Film Festival “Prowincjonalia” and Koszalin Debut Film Festival “Mlodzi i Film. Besides acting in feature films Antoni plays in TV Series also.

Bijan Tehrani: Big Love is a very interesting film about the passion and love of young people, and your performance was excellent it reminded me a bit of James Dean
Antoni Pawlicki: Thank you for your nice compliment comparing my work with James Dean, Nobody else has ever mentioned that. Big Love story for me was just a very tragic story but when I started speaking with the director and working with him I realized that is a great story about first love and that love can be stupid but can make a revolution in the worlds of other people. On the other hand I wondered what group of people from other parts of the world would go to see this movie.  In Poland only young people and teenager liked BIG LOVE. Other filmmakers and critics and people from our age group have watched the film and they don’t really think that its topic is interesting or deep enough.

BT: How did you go about approaching your part in the film?
AP: This was not my first project and I was much more experienced than Aleksandra Hamkalo, the actress that I was playing against, she was very young and BIG LOVE was her first film. Aleksandra had not yet finished acting school at the time. This was the same for the director, Barbara Bialowas was my age or just a little bit older, but much less experienced. Even the producers didn’t have much of experience in this field as BIG LOVE was their first movie, so the atmosphere of the first movie was in all of us. I have already been in twenty five movies and it was like coming going back to the time when I was starting.  This was very a strong feeling and very helpful for me to find the energy to create the moments in BIG LOVE and improvise now and then even though we had a really long rehearsal period. It was also the first film for the Bartek Piotrowski, Director of Photography, and now he is one of my best friends, so that shows how strong the relations were between us while making this movie, and this relationship was very important to create these inner visions, and to play in this film.

BT: When you finished the film and you looked at the finished film, did you like what you saw?
AP:  For me it is hard, because it is always tough for me to watch myself because I will always see things that I could have done better. I thought that BIG LOVE is interesting and I feel happy to be part of it. Watching your film you are also nervous because you want the film to have a good response and a good viewership because there are not a lot of films like this in Poland. Film critics mostly like art-house films and they tend to deride the more commercial movies or the big historical films. There are movies now that are very artistic and I think that BIG LOVE movie is one of them and I hope it succeds. My character in BIG LOVE was my dream character, I always wanted to play a killer.

BT:  What do you think about the Los Angeles Polish Film Festival?
AP: I have no idea, because I have never been there, in Poland people talk about it.


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