Résolument Animés: A Trip Into the World of French Animation


Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz, the performance space at Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles, is pleased to present Résolument Animés, a trip into the world of French animation on Thursday, January 16, 2014.
Résolument Animés will start at 7:30pm

Résolument Animés (Resolutely Animated) showcases a collection of animated shorts that highlight the unbridled creativity of France’s new generation of animation directors.  The program is intended for an adult audience, though appropriate for ages 15 and up.  Cheese and wine will be served during the intermission between the two parts of the program (roughly 45 minutes each).

Films included in Résolument Animés were created by some of the biggest names in French animated cinema as well as new talent from the best French schools. The films include humor, visual poetry, and wonder.  Animation techniques/media employed include drawing on paper,
drawing on film, pen and ink, crayon, paper cutouts, clay, sand, 3D animation, and puppetry.  The films in the program address a wide range of issues such as the environment, society, and
human relations.
The short films in the program exhibit the talent and creativity in the dynamic French animation industry, which has seen outstanding growth in recent years. Résolument Animés showcases exemplary works coming out of France, with rich screenplays and well-mastered technique.
The Résolument Animés project has been made possible thanks to the collaboration between the External Audiovisual Services Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, which promotes French cinema in the world, and the Annecy International Animated Film Festival.  The Directorate for Cultural Coopération and French-Language Promotion has also taken part in this project.

Program: Critique Société
Les trois Inventeurs (The Three Inventors) (1980) Winner of best animated short at the 34th British Academy Film Awards, Zagreb World Festival of Animated Films (1980) and Odense Film Festival (1981) Director Michel Ocelot (Kiki And the Sorceress) tells the ironic tale of three inventors who create machine which are both pretty and useful. Unfortunately people do not understand them, considering them works of sorcery.

Workin’ Progress  (2004)
Directors: Gabriel Garcia, Benjamin Fligans, Geordie Vandendaele & Benjamin Flinois
Produced at Supinfocom Valenciennes
An urban musical about how good workers never work alone.

Blind Spot (2007)
Directors: Olivier Clert (“A Monster In Paris”) Nicolas Chauvelot, Cecile Dubois-Herry, Yvon Jardel (“The Tale Of Despereaux”,” Where The Wild Things Are’) Simon Rouby, Johanna Bessiere
A thesis film for a group of students from GOBELINS l’ecoles de l’image, who has gone on to do great things.
A high-concept comedy, with a ridiculous cascade of sight gags about witnessing an unexpected incident at a convenience store.

Born to be alive (2004)
Directors: Dimitri Cohen, Tanugi, Sylvère Bastien, Mickaël Pressouyr and Marie Verhoeven
A multi-award winning very funny 3D computer piece about a bigheaded cat who tries in vain to kill himself.

Tadeus (2000)
Directors: Philippe Jullien et Jean-Pierre Lemouland
Paper cut-out style. The new student from Chechnya intrigues his classmates, He eats anything put on his plate in the lunchroom. A wash out at soccer, will the other kids let him into their clique?

Les oiseux blanc, Les oiseaux noirs (White Birds, Black Birds) (2000)
Director: Florence Miailhe
Based on an African parable of good and evil Miailhe’s masterpiece, a mix of paint and sand painting on glass is a visual treat, a metamorphic meditation on the thoughts we harbor about people.

Beton (2006)
Directors: Ariel Belinco and Michael Faust
2D-computer animated
A black kite disturbs the everyday life of a military unit. The army annoyed by the existence of this kite in its clear blue sky, decides to solve the problem. The multi award winning film was developed at the Bezalel academy for arts and design, Jerusalem

L’ami y’a du bon (“The Colonial Friend”)
The tragic story of the Senegalese colonials who were drafted to help repel the German blitzkrieg invasion of France in World War II. “The Colonial Friend” is an animated film in storyboard form, a companion piece to the Oscar nominated “Days of Glory (Indigenes),” also by Rachid Bouchareb, about 150,000 Berbers, who volunteered to fight German troops, playing a major role in the Allied victory.

Les oreilles n’ont pas de paupières (Ears Don’t Have Eyelids) (2004)
Director  Etienne Chaillou A drawn black and white reverie about how music and sound effects the human ear.
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs

L’usine (The Factory)
Director: Guilherme Pereira. Produced at Supinfocom – Valenciennes

Le Processus (The Process) (2001)
Director: Philippe Grammaticopoulos, Xavier de L’Hermuzière
Winner Best Director of an Animated Short Film (Xavier de L’Hermuzière, Philippe Grammaticopoulos) Sitges-Catalonian International Film Festival  2001
A hypnotic and deadly parable about conformity. Sinister music plays as identical men emerge and march in an awkward duck step down the streets of a black and white computer animated world. Identically dressed in high hats, the men move in lines out of dwarfing buildings through a revolving door and onto the broad avenue. One man, to his horror, loses his busby hat, and seen as a threat is surrounded by the automatons. Other men drop from above using umbrellas as parachutes, Chased by the other men, he finds only one way to rejoin his world. Nothing must stop The Process.

Meme les pigeons vont au paradis (Even PIgeons Go To Heaven)
Director: Samuel Tourneux
Nominated for the 2007 Academy Award for best animated short film.
A black comedy involving an elderly miser, a conniving priest and The Grim Reaper. Everyone gets what they deserve.

Ah! L’amour

En tus brazos (In Your Arms) (2007)
Directors; FX Goby, E. Jouret en M. Landour
A beautiful animation about a tango dance team

Potr’ et la fille des eaux  (1974)
Director: Jean-François Laguionie
Popular tale. Through love and awkwardness, a fisherman and a mermaid try to bury their differences…
Laguionie, director of last year’s exquisite feature animation “Le Tableau” developed he special the magnet-aided method of cutout animation used by Michel Ocelot on” Les Trois inventeurs”  (shot in Laguionie’s home.) His La “Traversée de l’Atlantique à la rame “(Rowing across the Atlantic) won the César Award for best short animated film in 1979.

A L’époque  (2006)
Director: Nadine Buss
“The Germans who escape their country to live in France after the war were very rare. My father was one of them. His nightmare was that somebody could discover his nationality” 3D animation

Couer de secours (Emergency Heart) (1973)
A beautiful surrealist vision
Director: Piotr Kamler

Signe de vie (2004)
Director: Arnaud Demuynck
One night, near a cliff, a young woman receives a marvelous and un-hoped for invitation of life.
Awarded for Best Animated Short at the Clermont Ferrand Film Festival in 2005, “Signs of Life” is the first part of a trilogy of movement, where dance becomes, through some amazing black and white graphics, a conveyer of hope and freedom…

Calypso is like so (2003)
Director  Bruno Collet
A stop-motion homage to classic movies features a Robert Mitchum puppet running amok on an deserted movie set. Collet uses in-jokes, sight gags, slapstick and a touch of macabre humor to profile an actor who’s personality has been taken over b the parts he has played.

Silhouettes (2009)
Two acrobats entwine. #d Animation
Directors Remi Despret, Vincent Courbis Poncet, Jean-David Solon.
Produced at Supinfocom students

A quoi ca sert l’amour? (What is love good for?) (2006)
Director: Louis Clichy
A fast paced black and white animation set to the famous duet of Edith Piaf and Theo Sarapo travels the ups and down of a love affair in one jazz age inflected blast of line animation. 2D line drawings and 3D backgrounds.
Clichy graduated from GOBELINS with his movie “Jurannesic”, Louis joined Cube, where he created “A quoi ça sert l’amour”. He worked for two years at Pixar as an animator on “Up” and WALL•E”. Back in France he is directing his first feature film, a 3D adaptation of Asterix

Résolument Animés will start at 7:30pm at Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz, which is located at 10361 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90064
(310-286-0553).  Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students. This event is made possible with the help of The French Film and TV Department of the French Embassy in Los Angeles.

To learn more or to buy tickets please visit www.theatreraymondkabbaz.com.
Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz (TRK) is a non-profit institution dedicated to the promotion of art and culture in the West Los Angeles area.  This 220-seat theater welcomes multidisciplinary and multicultural shows.  TRK’s mission is to be an open window on French and international cultures and to inspire and sustain a lifelong appreciation for the arts.
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