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Last week and during the HP Workstations Global Launch event in New York, I had the opportunity of speaking to two new HP customers on camera. Mark Russell, Director/Visual Effect Supervisor and Henric Larsson, founder and CEO of Chimney, they both had switched from using Apple computers to use HP workstations.

Mark Russell. Director/Visual Effect Supervisor
After attending the University of Southern California, Mark began his career in film production in Los Angeles, working on groundbreaking films such as Saving Private Ryan, Minority Report, and Hellboy. Since moving to New York, he has supervised the visual effects in independent projects like Incident at Loch Ness, The Sleep Dealer, Please Give and Synecdoche, New York. Mark’s latest work can be seen in The Adjustment Bureau and the recently released Tower Heist, both from Universal Studios. Currently Mark is in the final stages of post-production on Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street due out later this year. When not supervising visual effects, Mark also directs commercials, short film and second unit in feature films.

Henric Larsson, founder and CEO of Chimney
Henric Larsson is the founder and CEO of Chimney. His career started in the stock brokering industry. He was great at his job but wanted to try something different and started to work with people with disabilities. After two amazing years he felt a strong urge to start something on his own and so Chimney was created. He is not only an entrepreneur but also passionate about storytelling and branded content and truly believes that an image can tell more than a 1000 words. Thanks to this combination Henric and Chimney have enjoyed success after success starting branches in many parts of the world. It has not always been easy, he says: “Starting Chimney almost 20 years ago, I really screwed up so many times and made so many mistakes, but I learned quickly”. Henric has been involved in music video and commercial projects featuring Madonna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, The Rolling Stones as well as international brands such as Dior, BMW, Nike and Coca Cola and feature films like Let The Right One In and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. No matter what project he takes on, what has stayed at the forefront of his vision has always been creative output and client satisfaction. After all these years Henric is still highly motivated and focused on providing quality service for both the local and international markets, coupled with his vision of Chimney becoming the leading creation agency in the world. You can be assured that Henric and his team will continue to provide a full service experience for all of their clients. The start of Chimney as a creation agency has been more than successful and Chimney has managed to grow 150% in the last 4 years while other ad agencies and production companies struggle. Chimney has that something that brand owners simply love.


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