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Created and produced by Jean Marie Boursicot for more than 30 years, the world renowned international advertising cinema festival, The Night of the Ad Eaters®, featuring the world’s best, creative and jaw-dropping commercials on the big screen from amongst 60 different nationalities, premieres in Los Angeles on May 31, 2013, 7:30pm, at the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.  

A special three-hour edition of the international advertising cinema festival will be showcased at the Egyptian Theatre for one night only, featuring hundreds of amazing, entertaining commercials from 40 countries.  The Los Angeles program will include: ‘Singing America’ (popular songs in commercials produced in the USA);  some of our favorite stars featured in commercials; New York in commercials; selected European commercials; Pepsi commercials from different countries; Parisienne cigarette commercials shot by the world’s best film directors, selected commercials from Great Britain, and cinematic blockbusters in commercials.   Presented in two parts, there will be a complimentary filmgoer wine reception at intermission.

A one night only annual event with an enormous cult following internationally, The Night of the Ad Eaters is now heralded in more than in more than 100 cities in 40 countries worldwide including Tokyo, Paris, Moscow, Milan, Santiago de Chile, Beirut, Mexico City, Lisbon, Hong Kong and Geneva, attracting more than 300,000 enthusiasts.

Handpicked by AdEaters founder Boursicot from his own vast personal archive avoiding repetition and familiarity, the ads are amazing, intriguing, shocking, and funny, representing the vitality, creativity, passion and trends present in the world of advertising from around the globe, in this riotous cavalcade of commerce.  Based on a language shared by all, no subtitles are necessary for “The Night of The AdEaters,” transcending all linguistic and cultural differences.  
Gwen Deglise, film curator and programmer for the American Cinematheque in Hollywood, comments:   “The American Cinematheque is proud to present the first edition of this unique cultural program in Los Angeles at the Egyptian Theatre, and we anticipate that local audiences will enjoy it as much as audiences have all over the world.”
Araz  Mamet, CEO of Amaze Pictures, the Los Angeles producer of The Night of the Ad Eaters®, states: “This unique festival created for Los Angeles will offer ads never  before seen in the U.S., classic and contemporary spots, and something for everyone. ” 
Tickets are available at or from the American Cinematheque website


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