Italian Cultural Institute, Los Angeles wins Seal of Excellence of Cinema without Borders


Burbank, CA – May 17, 2013 – Today, Cinema Without Borders declared the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles, one of the most active artistic organizations in Los Angeles with extensive presentations of Italian cinema  and other arts to the public in creative ways, as the winner of the 2013 CWB “Seal Of Excellence.

“Under the strong leadership of Mr. Alberto Di Mauro and hard work of an amazing team, the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angels has taken huge steps during 2012/2013 to introduce of new and old Italian cinema through festivals and film screenings. What attracted international film fans and art lovers to the Institute’s events was the creative and innovative events like the “Hats On Film” Event, in which visitors were treated to an exhibition of Italian-made hats for famous Hollywood and international films while witnessing Italian hat-makers create the headwear in person!” said Bijan Tehrani, Editor in Chief of Cinema Without Borders. He added, “The plethora of clever exhibitions and screenings is no small feat, considering the fact that Mr. Di Mauro runs the institute with a small, tight-knit team with limited resources. I can’t recall a similar organization ever being able to run so many events this creatively and efficiently.”

Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles’ President,  Mr.  Alberto Di Mauro expressed his gratitude for the honor bestowed upon the institute, “I am very proud to receive this honor bestowed upon the Institute by a dynamic and prestigious organization like Cinema Without Borders. Working together, over the last 2 years we have designed and realized outstanding events, aimed at spreading the knowledge of both Italian tradition and innovation in many cultural fields. This recognition for us represents a stimulus to persist in our mission to promote Italian culture in a creative way, constantly seeking the involvement of people and Institutions working in the United States.”

About the Winner
The Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles, founded in 1984, is a governmental cultural agency established in the United States by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote Italian culture AND LANGUAGE. The building designed by the well-known architect JOHN Alexander, houses an art gallery and a theater suitable for conferences, concerts and movie screenings, as well as a multimedia library with books and videos available for loan.  
Events are organized in partnership with many local institutions to introduce Italy in all its cultural complexity: visual arts, design and architecture, music, cinema and theater, literature, science, fashion, food, and wine. The IIC organizes Italian  language classes at any level and seminars in different fields of culture.  Through the Foreign Ministry grants are given to support translations and publications of Italian books into English.

1023 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90034
phone 310 443 3250 fax 310 443 3254

About CWB’s Seal of Excellence
The CWB Seal of Excellence is awarded to films, individuals and organizations that have taken extraordinary steps in creating an exceptional work of art or event in relation to independent and international cinema.


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