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The Spanish Institute for Film and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA) a part of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, together with the American Cinematheque and EGEDA (Audio-Visual Producers’ Rights Management Association) announce the 18th edition of Recent Spanish Cinema series that will showcase the most outstanding recent Spanish films at the American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles, October 11 – 14, 2012.
With the support of Spain Arts and Culture, Embassy of Spain in Washington, Spain USA Foundation, Consulate General of Spain in Los Angeles, Tourist Office of Spain in Los Angeles, E.L.M.A. (European Languages and Movies in America), USC DORNSIFE Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences and Filmotech. Sponsored by La Opinión, METRO, Chivas, Stella Artois, Bodegas Mustiguillo, Lladró, Popchips, Hubert’s Lemonade, Pretzel Crisps and My Vienna Gelato .
This 2012 series will be kicked off with the special opening premiere of the official Spanish Entry for Best Foreign Language Film for the Academy Awards 2013, BLANCANIEVES (SNOW WHITE) directed by Pablo Berger and starring Maribel Verdú, Inma Cuesta & Macarena García.
This edition is honored with the attendance of director Pablo Berger and actress Angela Molina (Blancanieves), Benito Zambrano (The Sleeping Voice) and Patricia Ferreira (The Wild Ones).
Join us for our 18th annual showcase of the wildest, sexiest new films from Spain – on the big screen at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. Included in this year’s lineup are the 2012 Goya Best Film winner NO REST FOR THE WICKED, a searing neo-noir from director Enrique Urbizu, starring Jose Coronado; Alberto Rodriguez’s crime drama UNIT 7 and Fernando Gonzalez Molina’s coming of age drama and romance I WANT YOU (the sequel to THREE STEPS ABOVE HEAVEN, a selection from last year’s Recent Spanish Cinema), both starring Spanish star Mario Casas. Also included are Ignacio Ferreras’ stunning animated feature WRINKLES, based on Paco Roca’s comic of the same title; THE WILD ONES, an elegant triptych of coming-of-age tales and winner of four awards at the Malaga Spanish Film Festival; and 2011’s much-lauded, multiple-Goya winner THE SLEEPING VOICE, starring Maria Leon, Inma Cuesta, from director Benito Zambrano.

Thursday, October 11th -7:00 PM
US Premiere
Mama Films, Arcadia Motion Pictures,
Motion Investment Group, Noodles
104 min.
Dir. Pablo Berger.
Cast: Maribel Verdú, Daniel Giménez Cacho,
Ángela Molina, Inma Cuesta, Macarena García
Event Presentation October 10th, 2012
Rafael Cabrera, director de políticas de marketing del ICAA, se encargará de presentar el evento a los medios de comunicación en un acto que tendrá lugar el día 10 de octubre en la sede de EGEDA US. En esta edición contamos con la presencia de los directores Pablo Berger, Benito Zambrano, Patricia Ferreira y la actriz Ángela Molina.
Por tercer año consecutivo la apertura de la muestra Recent Spanish Cinema 2012 tendrá lugar el día 11 de octubre en el teatro Egypthian Theatre con el pase de la película seleccionada por la Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias Cinematográficas de España como película española candidata a los Oscar: BLANCANIEVES. Un evento con alfombra roja y con una recepción posterior a la proyección de la película, que contará con la asistencia de personalidades del mundo de la cultura y el cine.
In a year when Snow White reappropriations are de riuger, Pablo Berger’s 1920s-set tale, offset by punchy Flamenco rhythms and a charming nod to silent cinema, is hands-down the most
imaginative. Rejected at birth by her father, Carmencita (Macarena Garcia) is raised by her grandmother. But when granny dies, the poor dark-haired maiden is sent to the lower depths of her evil stepmother’s villa. Maribel Verdu (Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN) gives a knockout, ingeniously campy-smart performance as the villainess, hell bent on keeping Carmencita from Prince Charming – here a bullfighting dwarf! – and thwarting her dreams of becoming a matador.

2012. 8 min.
Dir. José Villalobos.
Producers: Christian Rodrigo, José Villalobos, Germán Izquierdo.
A man ties in his father’s job with his own in this well-crafted short.
Jury Members: Andrew Crane, Arnold Schwartzman, Millán Vázquez Ortiz.
Friday, October 12th– 9:30 AM.
Organized by the American Cinematheque, the Spanish Resource Center, Education Office of the Spanish Consulate in LA, EGEDA (Audio-visual Producers Rights Management Association) and the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences USC.
Students from Ralph A. Gates Elementary and El Marino Language School will have the chance to enjoy a Spanish recent film. Before and after watching the film, students will be engaged in a series of film and Spanish language related PEDAGOGICAL TASKS to help them make the most of the film while improving their Spanish-language skills.
Activities jointly designed by Carmen Fernández Santás, Director of the Spanish Resource Centre, and Dr. Julián Daniel Gutiérrez-Albilla, Assistant Professor of Spanish at USC.

Friday, October 12th – 7:30 PM. Double Feature
Maestranza Films, Mirada Sur
128 min.
Dir. Benito Zambrano.
Cast: Inma Cuesta, María Leon, Marc Clotet,
Daniel Holguín
Discussion with film director Benito Zambrano
Atípica films, La Zanfoña Producciones,
Sacromonte Films
93 min
Dir. Alberto Rodríguez
Reparto: Mario Casas, Antonio de la Torre, Inma Cuesta.
In advance of the 1992 World Exhibition in Seville, four cops are asked to clear the streets of drug trafficking; among them are Angel (Mario Casas) and Rafael (Antonio de la Torre).
But the streets they work hold both dangers and temptations, and the bribery, violence and intimidation these two men encounter on the job put them on very different paths. Strong lead performances and a nuanced script ground this stylish film noir/cop thriller, which is based on real-life incidents. UNIT 7 also benefits from outstanding cinematography, its gritty tones ramping up the intensity of the moral conflict (and some pretty spectacular chase sequences). In Spanish with English subtitles.
“Two sisters, one politically active and the other not, find themselves caught up in politics in the dark days following the Spanish Civil War… Vivid performances by attractive leads Maria
Leon, who won Best Actress kudos at the San Sebastian festival, and the fiery Inma Cuesta.” – Hollywood Reporter. “A harrowing drama that transforms the sorry plight of female prisoners in post-Civil War Spain into a bleak examination of man’s inhumanity to women, THE SLEEPING VOICE magnificently tells a tale that needs to be told and retold. Shrewdly remaining mainstream while plumbing the depths of grief and violence… foreign audiences will be gripped.” –Variety. In Spanish with English subtitles.
Saturday, October 13th – 7:30 PM. Double Feature
Zeta Audiovisual, Antena 3 Films
Dir. Fernando González Molina
Reparto: Mario Casas, Clara Lago, María Valverde.
In this sequel to THREE STEPS ABOVE HEAVEN, Hache (Mario Casas) is back in his native Spain following two years in London. After his best friend Pollo (Alvaro Cervantes),
around wild-child with whom he falls in love. Adapted from a Moccia novel like its predecessor, this teen melodrama employs striking visuals, epic music and great editing as it juggles sex, violence and motorcycles, with Casas’ engrossing performance as the rebel Hache tying it all together.In Spanish with English subtitles.
Perro Verde Films, Cromosoma
89 min.
Dir. Ignacio Ferreras
Adapted from Paco Roca’s comic book (2008 Spanish National Comic Prize), this stunning animated feature focuses on the friendship of Emilio and Miguel, two senior citizens living in a
care facility. Through acerbic dialogues, this delicate tale evokes aging and friendship with humor. “Illuminating, amusing, sensitive and touching.” – Tribune. “The exceptional animated feature WRINKLES imaginatively and sensitively explores one of the major issues confronting most of the developed world: how to look after senior citizens in a rapidly aging population.” – The Hollywood Reporter. In Spanish with English subtitles.
dies and his girlfriend Babi (María Valverde) leaves, the young man struggles with loss until he meets Gin (Clara Lago), a photographer, singer, dancer and all-
Distinto Films, Aralan Films, La Femme Endormie SARL
Dir. Patricia Ferreira
Reparto: Marina Comas, Álex Monner, Albert Baró.
Patricia Ferreira’s elegant triptych of coming-of-age tales follows three teenage friends and their individual struggles to define themselves amidst hard family conditions and a seemingly
Sunday, October 14th – 7:30 PM. Double feature
Discussion with the film director Patricia Ferreira
Telecinco Cinema, Lazona Films, Manto Films
Dir. Enrique Urbizu.
Reparto Jose Coronado, Rodolfo Sancho,
Juanjo Artero, Helena Miquel.
with the mounting living expenses for an art grant he wins; kick boxer Gabi (Alberto Baró), who lives in fear of his domineering gym-owner father; and wealthy Oky (Marina Comas), who lives comfortably but without affection from her parents.“The sins of parents and teachers are visited on their progeny and students in THE WILD CHILDREN, a largely subtle, compassionate and perceptive take on bad education affecting a trio of Catalan teens. Helmer Patricia Ferreira’s strongest work to date delivers a clear call to grownups to mend their ways, filtered through a neatly structured criss-crossing narrative… An engrossing drama as well as an urgent cry for social change.” –Variety
Enrique Urbizu’s explosive neo-noir centers on hardened cop Santos Trinidad (Jose Coronado), an alcoholic who, after a tense bar brawl, shoots three people dead. The fourth opponent in the
indifferent society: Graffiti artist Alex (Alex Monner), ignored by his parents and faced
fight (Karim El-Kerem) makes it out alive, leaving Trinidad to track down the sole breathing witness to his impulsively heinous crime. From here, the expertly crafted crime film shifts into cat-and-mouse mode, alternating between police procedural (as investigative detective Helena Miquel pursues Trinidad) and stalker thriller as the crooked cop hunts down his incriminating prey. Winner of the 2012 Goya Award for Best Actor, Best Director and Best Film.



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