Abyaneh – Kashan: Photo exhibition at Seyhoun Gallery, LA


On Saturday, August 11th, 2012 The Seyhoun Gallery in West Hollywood will feature the Photographic work of Sarama Esmaili entitled “ Magical desert garden and red city: Abyaneh – Kashan

The city of Kashan, in the province of Isfahan, Iran is known for its magical gardens and architecture resides as one of these fascinating locations for filmmakers and photographers alike. Its lush beauty is contrasted by its neighboring village of Abyaneh with it striking red clay structures and Desert. Abyaneh, by itself, draws thousands of university students every year to take advantage of what it has to offer for their theses and projects.

This drew Sarama Esmaili, a graduate of Behzad Art Institute and Tehran University in both Fine Art and Graphic Design, to go to back to Kashan in November of 2009. Not only for its photographic value but to film the sites for her then upcoming video for her music project, The Miraz Ensemble back in the states. This video “Migozarad” can be found HERE.

“It was an exciting experience taking on this pursuit.” Sarama explains. “Since I have been away from my homeland for some time now, I was not sure how people would take to me carrying a camera around and snapping photos here and there. But I found the people as down to earth as the work of art surrounding them. Kashan and Abyaneh both had the soul of the men living in them; they seemed simple outside, but had an invisible profoundness inside”

The images chosen for this exhibition will consist of surreal, ethnic architecture and dreamy gardens and those who call it home. Sarama’s camera forever captured two men seated by a clay wall and conversing in the light of the sun, placid, clear blue fountains in tree lined gardens, and architectural details of historic places such as the Abbasian House with its sunken courtyard and stain glass windows and the hillside spring fed fountains and moats of Fin Garden. These images, as interpreted by the artist, Sarama, will transport the viewer to another time and a place of mind.

The opening night will be on Saturday, August 11th from 6 to 9 PM and will be hosted by Maryam Seyhoun and artist Sarama Esmaili. To set the mood, wine and cheese will be served with both live music and an ambient world music DJ set from electronic artist Miraz from the Miraz Ensemble.

Seyhoun Gallery
9007 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, ca 90069
Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 12-5 PM
Tel: 310.858.5984


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