The 3rd annual Awareness Film Festival presents DUST, Sunday May 6 at Macha Theatre


The 3rd annual Awareness Film Festival, May 3-6, is a one-of-a-kind film festival that promotes awareness of today’s issues through the timeless art of filmmaking. A dynamic fusion of filmmakers, artists, environmentalists, educators, alternative health practitioners and other industry professionals, the Awareness Film Festival aims to inspire the public through this engaging, entertaining and unique annual event in the film capital of the world.

Film categories include but are not limited to: green and eco-friendly living, alternative fuel, veterans’ issues, animal awareness, political topics, preserving nature, alternative healing options, stories of hope, healthcare issues, the arts, spirituality and much more. Two conveniently located venues will host the festivities: the Regent Showcase Theatre in Hollywood and the Macha Theatre in West Hollywood. The Awareness Film Festival is an annual fundraising event that primarily benefits the non-profit organization Heal One World. This Los Angeles-based foundation offers alternative treatments to lowincome and underserved demographics. Heal One World seeks to educate people about preventative healthcare, non-traditional/complementary modalities, natural noninvasive
treatments and self-help techniques for the body, mind and soul.

On the occasion of International Workers’ Memorial Day 2012, April 28th – The Los Angeles Irish Film Festival together with The Italians in Film, The Italian Government Cultural office and the Scandinavian Film Festival of Los Angeles screened the documentary DUST – The Great Asbestos Trial in Beverly Hills, California on April 27th.

The screening was very well attended by Press, Student Journalists, Environmentalists, Legal representatives, ADAO(Asbestos Disease Awareness Organisation), Activists, Festival Directors and the Italian Government Cultural Office. The Italian film Dust is about the biggest European Environmental Trial to ever take place in our history.

Linda Reinstein-President/CEO and co-founder of Asbestos Disease Awareness Organisation (ADAO) took part in a Q & A conference with Pepe Moreno -Spanish comic book artist and game designer and founder of Pepe is part of a creative team that has been assembled to use alternative media to expose global issues.

Niccolo Bruno the director of DUST was skyped in from Italy to introduce the film. The Q & A was moderated by Irish Author & Filmmaker Bernadette O’Neill (Emeralds in Tinseltown).

Here is the website for info about tickets: Spread the word.


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