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Sunday, February 19th set-off the start of the Los Angeles-Italia Film, Fashion, and Art Fest—a week-long affair where some of the best contemporary art from all of Italy was on display at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Filmmakers and fans alike gathered for a celebration of Italian culture, art, history, and cinema. We sat down with film director Fausto Brizzi, whose film Love to Make Love made its stateside premiere at the festival, and asked about his film and his experience at the event. 

Bijan Tehrani: Please introduce yourself and tell us about your film? 
Fausto Brizzi: My name is Fausto Brizz, and I am an Italian director in Los Angeles with my new movie “It’s nice to Make Love” for its USA premiere at the Film, Fashion, and Art Fest.  I am very happy with the box office success of my movie so far, and now I am overjoyed because the premiere was a complete success. The audience was laughing and enjoying themselves, and it was a very, very incredible sensation for me because it is just fantastic to have this response from the people of a city like L.A.  

BT: Can you elaborate on the story of Come è bello fare l’amore?
FB: It is a biographic movie that speaks about sex, but in a very funny way with some of the most famous actors in Italy, including Claude Gerrini and Fabio Deluigi. The topic of sex is confronted in a candid, yet humorous manner. The story revolves around Andrew and Julia, a married couple with a lovely son and picturesque home—but, like many couples their age, Andrew and Julia aren’t getting physical anymore. Their lives get shaken up when Max shows up. Max is an old friend with an intimate history with Julia, and he also happens to be a porn star. His unique profession ends up putting him in the role of sex-therapist for the couple, and many misadventures ensue.   

BT: Tell us about the visual style of your film and how you decided to shoot the film in 3D.    
FB:  I thought it would bring a unique experience because, in Italy, this is the first romantic comedy in 3-D. I think all the movies should be in 3D now that the technology is more practical; it creates a very immersive experience when done correctly. 

BT: In the US, whenever we see a 3D movie it’s as if everything is jumping on you.  
FB: I tried to avoid 3D that would be disruptive to the film. The film’s subject is unique, so I wanted to present it creatively. Also, the technology is advancing. Previously, filming in 3D was a much bigger headache, where wardrobe and other set elements had to be meticulously chosen as to avoid disrupting the shot. Now, it’s much easier to shoot in 3D because you don’t have to worry too much about elements that can interfere with the camera.

BT: As far as the use of music, how did you go about using music in the film? 
FB: I used a lot of very famous songs, both Italian and international. I also enjoy 80’s music, so I included some original songs that fit the film and my taste.  

BT: How do you see the Italian film industry right now? 
FB: I have heard that Italian cinema is dead, but no, this is not true.  Presently, we have some great young filmmakers that are creating original and entertaining films.  

BT: That is my feeling as well. At one point in Italian Cinema, you had great directors like Fellini and De Sica, and then at the same time you had such wonderful actors like Albert Tussoli and all those greats. Now, I see that Italian cinema is coming back again and they are not copying the past. Do you agree that Italian cinema is reborn? 
FB: Yes! It’s being reborn very slowly, but it’s definitely coming alive.   

BT: What is your next project?
FB: My next project is a movie called Crazy for Me. It centers on a family of women with just one man in the household. The star is a very good actor, Silva Chino, and the film looks very promising.


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