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Cinema without Borders is proud to announce the ZMR (Zone Music Reporter) nomination of Sound Review Editor Gary Miraz for his beautiful cover artwork for the Album”3rd Eye Rising” by Paradiso and Rasamayi on the 5th Element Music label. The list of nominees are as follows:

Best Cover Art
3rd Eye Rising – Paradiso & Rasamayi (5th Element Music)
A Delicate Joy – David Nevue (Midnight Rain Productions)
Damayanti – 2002 (Galactic Playground Music)
Journey Around The Sun: A Mayan Odyssey – Bill Wren & Frank Ralls (Ponder Dust)
Red Leaf, Grey Sky: Piano Improvisations – Catherine Marie Charlton (River Dawn
In addition to his film and sound reviews here on CWB, Gary also is known for his extensive line of cover designs for many New Age music artists such as Music Space Queen Constance Demby , Award winning Native-American Flutist Golana, Emmy winner and synthesist RAY, among others.
This is Gary Miraz’s second industry nomination. His first being 2006’s For “Shaman’s Trance.” through NAR (New Age Retailer)

CWB: How did this cover, Third Eye Rising come about?
GM: “When I was approached by 5th Element to do “3rd Eye Rising” the first part I engaged in was the design of the title’s 3RD and Eye. I tried a number of fonts and could not find one that impressed me. So I created one. They gave me an amazing photo from Alexander Ipfelkofer entitled “Borobudur Sunrise” Quite an amazing shot. Then I was given a number of skies to work from and proceeded to work the concept with 5th Element.

CWB: How long did the entire process take?
GM: Two weeks, which is my norm, however a third week was thrown in for good measure.

CWB: Two weeks seems a bit fast for an original concept to be put to bed.
GM: It can actually be done faster, however I’m trying to make an artistic statement with quality as well and make the client happy.

CWB: When you take on a job as this do you do other work as well or keep to one project at a time.
GM: If I have other jobs that need to done I take what I can get. (Laughs) For this one I also had a soundtrack I was working on, my own recording project, and a three other graphic jobs.

CWB: Are there moments during the work process that it becomes too much?
GM: Of course. This project not withstanding. But if there is no passion from both parties no sparks can fly. That’s why I choose to do this. It’s the result I strive for. Plus the people at 5th Element want quality as well. Their work and demands push me to be better and take chances.

CWB: We wish you luck when the winners are announced. Hopefully you will win this time round.
GM: It’s just an honor to be nominated in this category. I’m in  good company with some other great music artists and designers. the people at ZMR have a very extensive website that goes deep such as an airplay analysis page that displays radio plays at select stations. That is very helpful. I just want to add that this esoteric music form embraces so many levels of genres, and it’s a very exciting. I’m glad to be part of it. I have done design work for other  genres, however the New Age scene is my preference. I can just stretch my imagination more. Yoga for the muses. (Laughs) In fact that is the name of my next meditative music project I’m working on.
CWB: Maybe your album will up there as well with both categories. perhaps next year.
GM: (Laughs) That would be great. It’s always harder to do design work on your own albums. I had a hell of a time with ONWARD, my 2010 release.

CWB: I actually bought that album and did not realize it was yours till you told me when I recommended it to you to buy it.
GM: (Laughs) I remember that. That felt really good.

CWB: Why so hard to do your own cover work?
GM: When you spend so much time on your work and I mean TIME, like 8 years, you become jaded. I almost thought of handing it over to another designer. Luckily Sarama took over the reins and directed me to what came out and I broke out of the dry spell.

CWB: Sarama, your wife is also an artist, musician and an established singer.
GM: Yes. She has an amazing voice and style.  Her ambient albums are very cool as well. She does her cover artwork as well. Hopefully we will finish the new album project soon.

CWB: Going Back to ONWARD, 8 years?
GM: Yes. 8 ******* years. and countless cover ideas. Thanks to Sarama when she realized I was stuck, she took all my art files looked at them and then looked at my photo archive and shot some ideas to me. Shook me out of my tree she did. Once the preliminaries were done she glanced, made suggestions and I was able to gain my footing again. Teamwork always works!

CWB: My thoughts exactly. A striking cover and layout teamed with the transcendental music, ONWARD is an excellent album. Again Gary, I want to wish all the luck to you when the awards are named.
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