The Skin I Live In, Golden Globe Awards Mominee


Antonio Banderas stars in this unsettling Frankenstein tale of grief, vengeance, obsession and plastic surgery.

Laced with an air of mystery and a twist that defines the entirety of the film, the narrative becomes difficult to discuss without piercing or ruining the enjoyment of viewing. So without giving too much away, it stars Banderas as a highly skilled surgeon who becomes obsessed with one particular project after his wife is left horrendously burned following an accident. As his life begins to unravel, he goes to extreme measures to find solace. Banderas is both emotional and stoic, a loving family man turned voyeuristic perv monster. Part horror, part sci fi, the two genres splice together to create something befitting of the themes, remaining chilling, disturbing and involving.

A grotesquely engrossing nightmarish film skilfully directed and expertly scored. It won’t be for everyone, but if you have the stomach for this twisted tale it’s thoroughly thought provoking.


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