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Happy Holidays, film fans! Cinema Without Borders has put together a list of our Top Ten Products of 2011. We encountered many of these technological treats in our tests, as well as in personal use, and would like to share our joy with CWB loyalists. Who knows, you might just find the perfect Christmas gift for a friend—or yourself! Without further ado, here are our top ten products of the year for 2011! (In alphabetical order)

1. Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection
CS 5.5 is a complete package for post production. Users can access professional video editing in Premiere, image manipulation in Photoshop, effects and titles in After Effects, create Blue Ray discs using Encore, and convert media files in Media Encoder. You can also design your web sites or create high-end illustrations using this package. Master Collection CS 5.5 is fast, accessible and affordable.
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2. Dragon Naturally Speaking
For filmmakers and screenwriters who want to think aloud and dictate their ideas or scripts to a computer, iPad, or iPhone on the go, Dragon offers the best voice recognition tools in the market. You can even use your iPhone as a wireless microphone with the current version of Dragon Naturally Speaking for PC!
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3. Final Draft
Final Draft is now the industry standard for writing screenplays, and over the years, has gone through several evolutions. Each version has shown that the folks who work on Final Draft listen to the screenplay writers using their product, and tailor the experience to their needs.

Final draft is a self-contained word processor specifically designed for writing screenplays, teleplays, stageplays and scripts for new media.
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4. HP’s Z600 Workstation
For professional filmmakers and film editors that are looking for a powerful, reliable, fast, quiet and affordable workstation that is easy to expand and modify, HP’s Z600 sounds to be the perfect match.
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HULU and its subscription based HULU PLUS offer a rich choice of films from international cinema in the service’s Criterion section. Films in this section have been carefully chosen and will suit the needs of any film fan, with international movies that you have been dreaming to see. For Christmas you can give HULU PLUS gift cards to your friends and family!
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6.Mitsubishi’s DLP 3D-ready TV
Mitsubishi’s DLP 3D-ready TV’s offer you the closest thing to a movie theater with high-end DLP imaging. Now Mitsubishi offers 92” models that run about $4,400—but you can find certain models of their DLP, 3D TV’s for under $1,400! Mitsubishi’s quality and pricing blows away the competitors.
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7. Pro Audio To Go for IPhone and iPad
Pro Audio To Go offers a convenient way to turn your iPad or iPhone into an personal, professional audio boot. Filmmakers can make great use of this app for narrations, voice-overs, and other audio projects! The editing system allows for uploads to an FTP server or emailing of audio files. Record and share immediately with Pro Audio To Go!
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8. Sling Media’s Sling BOX
The Sling Box allows you to access your home television system and watch live or recorded TV anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection on your computer, Android device, iPhone, or iPad!
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9. TOON BOOM Studio
Great for animators, students, and all fans of animation, TOON BOOM Studio, allows you to create a complete animation from scratch with this simple, affordable and innovative tool. Animators will find the closest environment to traditional animation in Toon Boom Studio.
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10.Verizon’s MIFI
Verizon’s MiFi personal hotspot is a fantastic tool for any film fan on-the-go. This small device offers wireless, high-speed internet with a monthly service fee, and we were impressed with its performance. Up to five devices can be connected to the MiFi at once, and connection speeds are high enough for enjoying films away from home. If you are a movie fan and you want to use your tablet or smartphone to watch videos and films online, Verizon’s MiFi offers the best solution currently on the market.
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*CWB would also like to shine light on some noteworthy products that didn’t make it to our Top Ten list, but are definitely worth checking out by our readers.
Cinemek Storyboard Composer HD
Storyboard HD for the iPad and iPhone offers a fantastic and intuitive tool to turn photos and drawings into storyboards.
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Script Pro
Script Pro is an easy-to-use iPad and iPhone app for the screenplay writers looking for on-the-go tools of the trade. You can easily edit character names (all at once), compose and edit scripts, and email your work out of the app.
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