The Best Video Game Console for Film Fans?


Over the years, we’ve received countless emails from our readers asking about video game consoles, and most seem to fall along the same line: Which video game console will best suit my needs as a gamer and film fanatic?
Well, we’re here to answer the masses!

Just doing some quick research will provide basic answers for all three consoles and they’re multimedia capabilities.

Xbox 360 (and the Kinect Motion Camera)
The Xbox 360’s advanced Xbox Live network provides an excellent foundation for multimedia access. Film Fans will be delighted to find a number of VOD selections from Microsoft’s Zune Marketplace, as well as streaming movies and TV shows on Netflix and Hulu Plus (with corresponding subscriptions). The 360 can be used as a Windows Media Center hub, and can also stream videos and music from PC’s on the same network.
Along with the Xbox 360 Slim (quieter, smaller than predecessor), Microsoft recently released its Kinect Motion Camera and critics have hailed the device as a truly innovative piece of technology that creates one-of-a-kind gaming experience. The Kinect’s functionality is continuing to grow, and film fans should keep an eye out for interesting applications of the camera’s technology.
We’ll have an in-depth look at the Kinect, the Xbox 360 and all of its multimedia capabilities in the near future.

Nintendo Wii
The Nintendo Wii was launched with a games-first mentality, so this console lacks the most in the multimedia department. Netflix streaming is available on the console and the Internet channel provides access to Youtube and similar avenues for watching video.  Nintendo recently announced the Wii-U system, and this upgrade will surely address the need for more multimedia functionality.
 We will provide more details on the Wii-U and its features-for-film-fans when they become available.

Playstation 3
First thing’s first: The PS3 is the only console on the market that plays Blu-Ray discs. Sony took a risk and released its system with Blu-Ray before the format war had been decided, but their risk paid off when HD-DVD bit the bullet. The Playstation Network, Sony’s online system for the Playstation, provides a plethora of options for film fans.  Movies and TV shows are available via VOD, and you can also save your digital videos onto the system’s HDD to view later.


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