SFFLA Dives into Second Week-end of "Immersion" into Nordic Films


The 12th Annual Scandinavian Film Festival L.A. continues this weekend–Jan 15, 16 with twelve more “hot films from the cold North.”  Drama, action, adventure, animation, a “jaw-dropping” documentary, and, even laughter!
“Yes, there are Nordic comedies!” says Festival Founder/Director James Koenig. “While some Nordic films scratch the under-belly of human experience and tough subjects like incest, abuse, addiction, every possible trauma from diapers to dementia, others embrace the things that keep us human– love, laughter, loyalty, sex, and survival, and
adrenalin packed adventure.”

Saturday opens with the final exciting film from the Millennium Trilogy THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNET’S NEST. Koenig adds “The January 10 issue of the New Yorker features an article on Swedish author Stieg Larsson, whose blockbuster best sellers have made their way to the big screen.  There’s even an American version in the works–but we love sub-titles and the flavor of languages! There’s nothing like the original!”
SFFLA has given audiences the first chance for consecutive viewing of the complete Millennium Trilogy. However, each film stands alone, and the final installment – offers great entertainment for Millennium aficionados and first timers as well.  Next on the program are two animated short films, WHISTLELESS from Denmark, and ANGRY MAN from Norway, preceding Finnish Director Dome Karukoski’s coming of age film FORBIDDEN FRUIT.

Then Stellan Skarsgård stars in the Los Angeles premiere of Norwegian Director Hans Petter Moland’s  A SOMEWHAT GENTLE MAN just prior to its upcoming theatrical release. The award winning film, which is described as “a dark feel-good comedy that delivers laughs and gasps in equal measure” will open a Los Angeles theatrical run January 28 at the Nuart Theater. “Yet, another chance to say “I saw it first at SFFLA!” says Koenig. “The Danish film APPLAUSE with Paprika Steen, which we screened last year will open Jan 21 in New York and Los Angeles.”
Saturday evening finishes with a Svensk flourish with Terese Andrén’s short NINA ARGENTINA. Andrén is the recipient of a $10,000 SWEA grant for a young Swedish film maker. The award presentation will precede the Swedish Oscar submission SIMPLE SIMON with director Andreas Öhman on deck for Q & A.  A reception co-sponsored by SWEA and SFFLA gives a sweet finish to the day’s proceedings.

SFFLA eases into Sunday with a Danish short, PICNIC followed by Finnish Director Sara Cantrell’s Heartbeats  A film that has been called “jaw-dropping” and “one of the most important environmental films ever– Into Eternity– continues the program. A chilling documentary about the storage of nuclear waste, the film is artful and amazing. Next up is popular Swedish film maker Josef Fares’ delightful– Balls! The festival wraps up it’s 12th year with Danish film “Everything
will be Fine” from Director Christoffer Boe.  In the story, a writer-director, obsessed with his own stories stumbles on photographs of prisoners of war being tortured by Danish soldiers.  The attempt to reveal the mystery behind the photographs leads to a truth more disturbing than ever imagined.”

Individual tickets can be purchased quickly and securely online, at 323 661 4273, or at the theater box office.  And, you can still become a donor and help SFFLA project into the future!

Major sponsors of the festival include ELMA, the  Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation and SWEA.


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