Elvi Cano and Soledad Gonzalez talk about 16th edition of Recent Spanish Cinema


The 16th edition of Recent Spanish Cinema series will run at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles from October, 14th to October 17th. To learn more about this interesting screening series we talked to Elvi Cano, the Communications Director EGEDA US and Soledad González, Marketing Director EGEDA US. EGEDA is a non-profit association and collecting society that provides services to producers and the audiovisual industry as a whole. EGEDA US was set up in Los Angeles in 2007 with the idea of having a permanent office on the US West Coast.

Elvi Cano moved from Spain to Los Angeles almost 5 years ago and has been working in production (with internationally acclaimed producers such as Mario Kassar), casting (in TV series as “Lost”), international sales, TV correspondent and talent management. In January 2010 she joined the team of EGEDA as the Communications Director in the US office.
Soledad González is a Spanish senior marketing professional with more than 8 years of experience in research, strategies and communication services for international companies.

Bijan Tehrani:
Please tell us about the background of Recent Spanish Cinema in Los Angeles and your involvement with this event.
Elvi Cano: Since 1994 the Recent Spanish cinema series has been presenting in Los Angeles the most outstanding current Spanish films.
The office of EGEDA US was set up in Los Angeles in 2007 in order to promote Spanish cinema and since then EGEDA has participated actively in this event. This year EGEDA is the organizer together with the ICAA (The Spanish Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts) and the American Cinematheque and for the first time we are presenting in the Opening Gala of this series Spain’s official submissions for the 2011 Foreign Language Film Academy Award.

Bijan: What movies we should expect to see in 2010 festival?
Elvi: On October 14th we will screen at The Opening Night “TAMBIEN LA LLUVIA” by director Iciar Bollain followed by a Q&A with lead actor Luis Tosar.
On October 15th we will screen “LOPE “ and “PAPER BIRDS” by First time director Emilio Aragon who will present the movie.
On October 16th “LIFE BEGINS TODAY”,”FOR THE GOOD OF OTHERS” followed by Q&A with actor Eduardo Noriega and “CELL 211” Goya Award winner of Best picture 2010.
On October 17th “AFTER”,”FAT PEOPLE” followed by Q&A with actor Antonio de la Torre” and “ME TOO”.

Bijan: Are there any US premiers among the films presented at the festival?
Elvi: Yes, As a matter of fact, many “ EVEN THE RAIN”,”LOPE”,”PAPER BIRDS”,”LIFE BEGINS TODAY” and ”AFTER”

Bijan: Will there be any filmmaker or actors/actresses guests attend the festival?
Elvi: Yes, of course. From Spain, actors Antonio de la Torre, Eduardo Noriega, Luis Tosar and director Emilio Aragon are confirmed. But we are still working in getting both Americans and Latino actors that will be confirmed this week.

Bijan: Are you planning Q&A sessions after screening of the films?
Elvi: Yes, we will have Q&A after “TAMBIEN LA LLUVIA” with lead actor Luis Tosar, after ”FOR THE GOOD OF OTHERS” with actor Eduardo Noriega, after ”GORDOS” and “LOPE” with Antonio de la Torre, and after “PAJAROS DE PAPEL’ with director Emilio Aragon.

Bijan: Are there any events or parties held at Recent Spanish Cinema 2010?
Soledad González: Yes, on the opening night, followed by the premiere of TAMBIÉN LA LLUVIA (EVEN THE RAIN), the official Spanish Entry for Best Foreign Language Film for the Academy Awards 2011, there is going to be a cocktail party in the courtyard of the Egyptian Theater. Everybody who attends the premiere is more than welcome to join us.

Bijan: Does Recent Spanish Cinema helps filmmakers find distribution chances in US?
Soledad: This event is intended to be a platform to promote recent Spanish films in US, not only to the audience but to the industry itself. We open a door to Spanish producers to connect with distributors in Hollywood. For many of the movies we are showing this year it will be their US premiere, so it is a wonderful chance to make the first step in this market.

Bijan: How film fans can attend the festival?
Soledad: Everybody can attend the series buying tickets right at the box office in the Egyptian Theatre or through the Internet at www.fandango.com, search by zip code 90028 to locate the Egyptian’s listings.

Bijan: Please tell us about the sponsors of Recent Spanish Cinema 2010.
Soledad: The event is possible thanks to the support of public institutions from the Spanish government and of some private sponsors.
From the public sector, we are honored to count on the Embassy of Spain in Washington, Spain USA Foundation, the Consulate General of Spain in Los Angeles, the Tourist Office of Spain in Los Angeles, Promoción Madrid (Madrid City Council), Filmotech and E.L.M.A. (European Languages and Movies in America).
From the private sector, the event is sponsored by Codorniú, Bodegas Terras Gauda, Viña Zaco and Lladró, all of them Spanish companies that join us to celebrate Spanish cinema.

Bijan: What are your dreams and plans for the future of Recent Spanish Cinema?
Soledad: Our goals for the future are to increase the presence of the Spanish productions in the US market in two different but equally important ways. The first one is to increase awareness of Spanish movies, producers, filmmakers and actors among the general public. Pedro Almodóvar, Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Antonio Banderas are already well known and their work is very important to keep on building an image of Spanish cinema in US. We would like also to see other names joining that list of artists in the short term with the support of the Spanish producers, who are taking the lead in making our culture and our movies more international.

The second one is to build a framework where Spanish producers and US producers and distributors can meet and find the way to collaborate in the future. A relation that we think can be very productive both ways. Furthermore, this edition of Recent Spanish Cinema is the first one to premiere the Spanish official Spanish Entry for Best Foreign Language Film for the Academy Awards and our plans are to consolidate this event as an outstanding window in Hollywood to support the candidate chances to make it into the nominations.


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