ELMA and CWB join forces to bring more European cinema information to the US fans

Burbank, CA, October 23 – Cinema Without Borders proudly welcomes ELMA (European Languages and Movies in America) as its partner in bringing information on European Cinema to fans in the United States.
“European Cinema in U.S.” – A new section found in Cinema Without Borders- includes cinema-related news, festival reports, film reviews, and interviews. As ELMA leads other organizations in sponsoring European Cinema events in Los Angeles, CWB will extensively cover such events.

ELMA’s sponsorship of “NOW SHOWING: European Films in the U.S.” enables CWB to offer previously inaccessible information. Fans can now find out when European films will be shown in both Los Angeles and New York. Future plans include listing show times in other US cities. Information about European film releases on both DVD and VOD format is also available.

Cinema Without Borders is planning to extend the “NOW SHOWING.” section to eventually cover show times for all international films played in U.S.

Bijan Tehrani, Editor in Chief of Cinema Without Borders, comments that, “Working with ELMA provides Cinema Without Borders an opportunity to promote European cinema and related events in the United States. As their numbers grow, international cinema will have a stronger presence among American audiences.”

Pascal Ladreyt, ELMA’s Executive Director, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership. “With its insightful commentaries, Cinema Without Borders enables greater appreciation for a variety of worldviews.” He said. “We are excited to support CWB in creating a new section on European cinema.”

About ELMA:
ELMA is a Santa Monica based nonprofit organization dedicated to showcasing European movies. ELMA’s mission is to create new avenues for a better cultural understanding between the people of Europe and the U.S. by celebrating alternative cinema.

About Cinema Without Borders:
Cinema Without Borders (CWB) is an online film magazine whose team of multi-national contributors highlights a broad selection of world cinema and emerging filmmakers. Drawing its strength from diverse communities of international filmmakers, film students, film festival organizers and film industry professionals, the Hollywood-based CWB offers a unique online platform for peer reviews and information about movies and film-related events.

For more information please contact Bijan Tehrani, editor in chief of CWB, (818) 613 4227, btehrani@cinemawithoutborders.com or Pascal Ladreyt Executive Director of ELMA, pascal@elma.org


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