Palm Springs ShortFest Nominees for CWB, Best International Short Film Award were announced


Every year at the Palm Springs International ShortFest Film Festival and Market. Cinema Without Borders awards the Best International Short Film. The five nominees for the 2010 CWB Best International Short Film are Foreigner (Colombia), Preservation (UK), The Gold Mine (Mexico), The Terms (UK), and War (Italy).

The winner of the Best International Short Film Award will be announced in the closing ceremony of the Palm Springs International ShortFest Film Festival and Market on Sunday June 27, 2010.

Foreigner, Alijuna
Colombia, 2009, 19 Minute Running Time
US Premiere
Topics: Current Affairs, Road Movie
Language: Spanish
From the director of At Three in the Afternoon (PSISF 2008) comes a new story of power, commerce and motherhood. Told through a distant lens where the horizon seems endless, this nonetheless intimate story of a senator’s long anticipated quest speaks to core desire and humanity.
DIRECTOR: Cristina Escoda
Producer: Camila JimÈnez Villa
Editor: Cristina Escoda
Screenwriter: Cristina Escoda
Cinematographer: Camila Jimenez Villa
Principal Cast: Nelson Camayo, Florina Lemaitre

United Kingdom, 2010, 11 Minute Running Time
World Premiere
Topic: Drama
Language: English
A mother, accompanied by a fellow mother friend, is required to identify a corpse in a mortuary.
Filmmaker expected to attend: Director Max Key.
Producer: Amy Miller
Editor: Lucy Donaldson
Screenwriter: Joel Pomera
Cinematographer: Johm Lee Ben Ridell
Music: Ross Power
Principal Cast: Saskia Reeves, Wendy Nottingham, Peter Palley

The Gold Mine, La Mina de Oro
Mexico, 2010, 12 Minute Running Time
US Premiere
Topics: Crime, Latino, Thriller
Language: Spanish
Betina, a lonely spinster, meets what appears to be the man of her dreams online, and in the course of time he proposes to her. After quitting her job and selling her apartment, she makes the arduous trip to be with him. What awaits her is a wholly unexpected fate.
DIRECTOR: Jacques Bonnavent
Producer: Hilda Soriano, Ana Graciela Ugalde
Editor: Alexis Rodil
Screenwriter: Jacques Bonnavent
Cinematographer: Ramon Orozco Stalteberg

The Terms
United Kingdom, 2009, 12 Minute Running Time
Topic: Family
Language: English
A father and son face off in this darkly amusing tale. The father, returning to find his son has set fire to their shack, offers the boy a deal: he’ll give him a fifty meter head start and he’ll put only one bullet in the chamber.
Filmmaker expected to attend: Director Jason LaMotte.
DIRECTOR: Jason LaMotte
Producer: Allon Wechsler
Editor: Paul Trewartha
Cinematographer: Lee Pulbrook
Music: David Benjamin Steinberg
Principal Cast: Gary Lewis, Ciaran Flynn

War, Uerra
Italy, 2009, 16 Minute Running Time
US Premiere
Topics: Comedy, Family, War
Language: Italian
Set in Italy in 1949, this delightful comedy revolves around a father and his three sons, who take dad’s war stories a little too much to heart.
Sponsored by the Istituto Italiano di Cultura.
DIRECTOR: Paolo Sassanelli
Producer: Tommaso Arrighi
Screenwriter: Paolo Sassanelli, Antonella Gaeta
Cinematographer: Federico Annicchiarico
Principal Cast: Dino Abbrescia, Totu Onnis, Andrea Montani, Angela Iurilli, Pietro Pollonio, Donato Anelli, Rita Milillo, Roberto Petruzzelli, Michel Paul Kremmerlein


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