Complete program of 19th Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles


Hungarian cinema has always surprised us by amazing and interesting films, and so many of them. Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles has been bringing the best of Hungarian cinema to Los Angeles for the last eighteen years and this nineteenth edition is no exception. Thanks to Bela Bunyik, founder and president of Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles, international cinema fans will be able to see beautiful and award winning films such as Curtiz, Bad Poem, X-eXploited, Open and Those who Remained (Hungarian Oscar Entry) during this year’s festival.

Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles will open on Thursday November 7th and closes on Thursday November 14th.The following is the complete list of the films screened at 19th Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles:

Laemmle’s Royal Theater
Thursday Nov 7th
8:00 pm BAD POEMS 98 min
Star: Katica Nagy will Attend

Screening from Friday November 8th to Thursday November 14th will be held at  Laemmle’s Town Center 5
FREE (stands for “Free screening”)

Friday Nov 8th
1:00 pm Danube Delta / Wild Kunsag / Realignment 104 min FREE
4:00 pm I am Evidence / Medical Report / Doktor Traum 139 min FREE
7:00 pm EldoradoThe Midas Touch / Shopia 120 min
10:0 pm X-the eXploited 114 min

Saturday Nov 9th
1:00 pm His Master Voice 108 min FREE
4:00 pm Eternal Winter 114 min
7:00 pm Curtis / In Trans 98 min
10:00 pm Open 98 min

Sunday Nov 10th
1:00 pm Kids Animation 108 min (no dialog) FREE
3:30 pm SON OF THE WHITE MARE 81 min (animation)
5:40 pm THE WITNESS 105 min
8:00 pm TREZOR / The Marvelous Defender 125 min

Monday Nov 11th
1:00 pm The Senator Hairdresser/Miklos Rozsa The King of the Film Music / Remake 110 min FREE
4:00 pm Demon&Eros / Hungarian Cinecitta / Mermaids & Rhinos 112 min FREE
7:00 pm Homecoming / Root seekers / Realignment 105 min FREE

Tuesday Nov 12th
1:00 pm Judit Polgar 40 / Getto Balboa / Transit 132 min FREE
4:00 pm The Assassination/Adultery (No Subt.) 116 min FREE
7:00 pm Blossom Valley / The Last supper 90 min

Wednesday Nov 13th
1:00 pm Alla Zingara / The Hungarian Jazz / Istok 101 min FREE
4:00 pm The Baron Return / Magda Szabo World Fame / Inner Library 110 min FREE
7:30 pm Those Who Remained 84 min

Thursday Nov 14th
1:00 pm Wild Balaton / Wild Forest / Symbiosis 110 min FREE
4:00 pm Ninety Days of War / Ivan Szenes Wrote It! / Helix 123 min FREE
8:00 pm Kolcsonlakas 95 min + Short (No Subt.)

All film with English Subtitles Except noted


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