Ronen Landa's "Picturebooks"


When I first received a copy of composer Ronen Landa’s “Picturebooks”, I knew I was in for an astounding auditory journey. The packaging perfectly states what you are in for; the mysterious photo of a film reel showing a seascape bay reflects the impactful music within. The album itself is a compilation of soundtrack works from this imaginative composer.

The album is organized into three different books. Book One being from the acclaimed 2005 film by Iraqi director Haydar Daffar, ‘The Dreams of Sparrows”. Tracks 1-8 bring a combination of strings, Oud, electronics and haunting lead vocals/whispers by Vlada Tomova, a Bulgarian born singer and founder of New York’s Bulgarian Women choir. Some vocal parts of track 8, “Saad”, took me back to Pink Floyd’s haunting scream from “Careful With That Axe Eugene”. More info on her can be found at

Book Two is a compilation of cues from three short films. Ronen’s signatures rein throughout the different styles, but each track holds its own character. Track #13 “Mountain” being my favorite.

Book three is comprised of music from the film “Burning in the Sun”. The most percussive and less experimental of the album, it also features wonderful multi-tracked guitar, oud, bass, and mandolin from the composer himself. Burning in the Sun will be screening at Rooftop Films in New York on Saturday, September 19 during IFP’s Independent Film Week.

The recording itself is excellent with wonderful placements of the instruments within the stereo spectrum.

I look forward to hearing more from this breathtaking composer. His website, features more works and is equipped for licensing needs. Look for the album “Picturebooks” at music retailers for an intricate and delightful aural treat.


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