A letter to Human Rights Watch Film Festival


An email from Paris: I am an American living in Paris and I am amazed by the bravery and intelligence of the young crowd that is sending videos of the recent events out of the country. Aren’t these guys the filmmakers of our time? Can’t the videos of demonstrations and government brutality coming out of Iran on YOUTUBE and FaceBook be considered as documentaries?

Even you want look at these videos as just amateur reports, still it does not take away from their importance and role in educating us and telling us what is going on inside Iran? Isn’t this what documentaries are about?

But I have a word with organizers of the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival in New York and specially with John Biaggi, a filmmaker and director of this festival: “Please consider a way to recognize these Iranian filmmakers/reporters that20are risking their lives sending out the reports about violation of a basic human right, right to a fair election. I think this is what your festival is about”
Joseph Carlini

PS: Now a young Iranian protester is killed by police. She has become the symbol of Iran’s resistance now and I believe an award should be named after her for reporters of human right violations.
*Cinema Without Borders, will be more than happy to post the response of the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival.


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