VUDU Wins Cinema Without Borders Seal of Excellence for Excellence in HD VOD

Burbank, CA June 15, 2009 – Cinema Without Borders, an independent publication dedicated to international cinema, has named VUDU as the winner of its Seal Of Excellence.

The 2009 iteration of the prestigious award, received by Palm Springs International ShortFest Film Festival in 2008, is bestowed upon VUDU for Excellence in HD VOD services.
“Our team of film critics and experts examined and reviewed the technology and the catalogue of films offered by VUDU in High Definition and unanimously decided to grant our Seal of Excellence to VUDU.” explained Bijan Tehrani, Editor in Chief of Cinema Without Borders. “We are deeply impressed by the high quality picture of VUDU HD and its unique offering of HDX movies for 1080P viewing. Even the device’s remote control is a cleverly made tool that helps make the searching and navigation of VUDU menus easy. VUDU also offers over 750 international films and the options of looking for a film by its title, director, or actors.”

“We’re certainly honored to accept the Cinema Without Borders Seal Of Excellence,” said Rob Holmes, Director of Content and Strategy. “We attribute this award to our ever-expanding range of top-quality films formatted specifically for high quality HD viewing. We plan to maintain a leadership position in offering the best picture quality experience and the largest HD library on the planet.”

About Cinema Without Borders
Cinema Without Borders is a California based publication dedicated to international and independent cinema. During its young life of 3 years, CWB has published over 2000 original and exclusive interviews, film reviews, news stories, and columns. Cinema Without Borders has maintained a strong presence at major international film festivals by offering extensive reports and giving awards.

About VUDU
VUDU is a leading provider of digital technologies and services that deliver entertainment to consumers’ HDTVs and Home Theaters. The VUDU service is designed to deliver tens of thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows directly to HDTVs. VUDU offers a library of more than 15,000 movies and TV episodes, including the largest HD feature film library anywhere with over 2,000 movies currently available. The VUDU service is currently available on VUDU’s 1080p Movie Players, the VUDU BX100, VUDU XL and VUDU XL2. All versions support native instant start HD as well as HDX, the highest picture quality for on-demand content available anywhere, and automatically upscale standard resolution movies. All movies are displayed in 1080p resolution at 24 frames per second, the cinematic gold standard. The VUDU BX100 movie player is currently available at Best Buy and online for only $149.


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