Hollie Miller starts her work as CWB BLOGS Editor

Burbank, California, May 24th 2009 – Cinema Without Borders announced that Hollie Miller, a CWB film critic, will be running Cinema Without Borders’ BLOGS as CWB BLOGS Editor.
“We had been lucky to have such a great writer as our Blogs Editor. Hollie Miller’s BLOGS has interesting and challenging subjects and she has a very good understanding about what film related Blogs should be. Hollie’s love for international cinema and BLOGS medium makes her a unique blog editor” Says Bijan Tehrani, Editor In Chief of Cinema Without Borders.

Hollie Miller is a copywriter by trade, graduating in 2006 with an Honors BA Degree in Media Theory with Production. She has a love for cinema and has aimed throughout her studies and since to experience new forms of film and film-making.
With a sound theoretical knowledge writing reviews and articles she has also turned her hand briefly to filming. Working in a technical capacity she has created two short films one of which won recognition at her University Showcase as ‘best video’ judged by a select panel from BAFTA Scotland. She has recently found a new passion in stop-motion animation admiring in particular the work of Ray Harryhausen and Jan Å vankmajer.
Copywriting on a freelance basis, Hollie enjoys writing articles about film theory as well as travel.

About her new position for Cinema Without Borders Hollie believes that: “I have been contributing to Cinema Without Borders for a year and enjoy learning about social media, writing about film and being connected to worldwide cinema news and events. It has so far been an exciting opportunity.”


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