A Homeless star from Slumdog Millionaire

Mumbai:– Slumdog Millionaire child star Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail is back on the streets after his shanty house was demolished by BMC officials here on Thursday .

Azharuddin, who played young Salim in Danny Boyle’s multiple Oscar winning film, lost his make-shift home after officials from the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai demolished the shanties in Garib Nagar slum of Bandra East.

“All the illegal encroachments on the nullah were demolished on Thursday today because it needs to be widened to avoid flood-like situation during monsoons,” Umashankar Mistry, H-East ward officer told PTI here.

Azharuddin said his family would rebuild the house. “There is no point protesting. We will continue staying the way we used to,” he said. His mother Shamim said she did not know what would happen to her family now. “Our make-shift house has been demolished and the displaced have not been given alternate accommodation,” she told reporters.

“The Chamdawadi nullah needs to be widened and it was important to demolish all the hutments on the nullah. Fifteen such hutments have been demolished till now,” the official said. “All the hutments that have come up post-1995 would be provided alternative accommodation only if they have the necessary proof,” he said.


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