New on DVD is The Life of Lucky Cucumber, a film produced by Preston Lacy, directed by Sam Maccarone, and written by both, who also star in the film. Don’t be fooled by the movie’s no-so-coincidental St. Patrick’s Day release, however. You will find little relation to the Irish holiday in this film.

Instead, you will be detoured to dusty, rural J-Town, Missouri; the hometown of filmmakers Forrest Fonda (Lacy) and Phillip Fellini (Maccarone). The two receive a $1200 state grant to make an industrial for the town’s Chamber of Commerce, but rather use the money to document the life of Lucky “Cucumber” “Cavanaugh” (Dian Bachar), a local celebrity notorious for his inexplicable luck; that is, whenever something good happens to him, unfortunate events always follow. He is also known for his loser (with a capital “L”) lifestyle, having lost over 100 jobs while living in a cave with his oversexed grandfather, played by Patrick O’Hagan. What’s in store is an in-depth, look at the clumsy, day-to-day existence of the one also dubbed “the man who would set another man on fire for a pizza”, after an incident Lucky was involved in while competing in J-Town’s bathtub race.

The movie is a paradox in itself, similar to Lucky’s good luck/bad luck scenarios. It is pure trailer trash fun, if you like that sort of thing. Jack Black and Jackass fans are likely be drawn to this film. At the same time, the pace of the movie is as glacial as the town it depicts, which may be a turn off for other viewers. That same trailer trash humor falls short more often than not, and many of the scenes are irritating and lackluster in comedic timing. By reading the summary on the back of the DVD cover, one would expect a plot full of hilarious twists and turns, with the energy of, say, Smokey and the Bandit, despite the movie’s mocumentary format. Not so in Lucky Cucumber, the intention does not translate well on screen, leaving much to be desired.

Dian Bachar is somewhat fun to watch as Lucky “Cucumber” Cavanaugh, as was rapper Tech N9ne, who plays himself, Maccarone as future gay-porn afficionado Fellini, Hagan’s “Grandpa Cavanaugh”, and redneck eye-candy Candace (Stacy Keitel), Lucky’s love interest, and Grandpa’s conquest. It’s too bad the rest of the ensemble cast did not go as noticed.

Nevertheless, there is an audience for every movie, and The Life of Lucky Cucumber will be lucky enough to have fans of its very own.

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