In the footsteps of “Spinal Tap” comes, “Anvil!” where a group of hard-core rockers started out at 14 in Canada to make a pact to rock in 1973…and they did. Director Sacha Gervasi brings us the legends that turned the music world upside down.

Anvil was co-founded by lead Vocalist Steve “Lips” Kudlow and drummer Robb Reiner. Along with other rockers layer the foundation and influenced other metal bands like- Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and many others. However, every band mentioned went on to rock out, become sensations and sell millions of records. What about Anvil? That’s where our story begins, along with the song that started it all, “Metal on Metal” in 1982.

We follow the emotional and arduous road that Anvil travels to leave the perpetual shadows. We see where the band had its origins, where the “Lola” song (about the cool ice pops the band enjoys) was created, to being on TV defending their lyrics.

Anvil is humorous, lively and the infusion of the essence of rock and roll is surely evident. You enjoy watching them interact with their families who support the guys and their journey to Europe with Tiziana, the hilarious, but winging it booking manager.

Giving the band extra shoutouts and respect are noted rockers- Slash, Lars Ulrich of Metallica, Lemmy of Motorhead fame, Scott Ian of Anthrax, and Tom Araya from Slayer. The guys of Anvil are down to earth, likeable and you care about their rises, and management blues.

With adversity comes a deep fascination with Anvil as they embark on the road to becoming a real “commodity” as Lips would remark. The songs are funny; as are the trips to numerous to locales where rock permeates from city walls and in one instance, the band fails to get paid.

What appeals the most is Lips’ innocence; he’s just a guy who wants to rock. That’s all. What he goes through with the band is enough to discourage your average Joe, but not Lips and the rockers of Anvil. Their passion is rock and roll, and we want the band to succeed.

Gervasi gives us a group of men we want to love, want to band our heads to and to take the stage along with the great rockers of the age. We delve not only into the bands’ recording session but also to their softer side- their hobbies, likes and dislikes…what makes the foursome- Lips, Robb, Glenn (aka G5), and Ivan tick. The cinematography is equally appealing with its docustyle sensibilities and its color palettes.

With all the daily rantings, the dedication, the blood, sweat and tears…we believe in Anvil and follow their dream to stardom…hopefully. Let’s Rock and make that dream happen! This is a film for everyone with a dream and wants to make it happen.

Anvil’s latest release is “This Is Thirteen”.

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