The IMAX team delivers yet another captivating film shot entirely with its 1,300- pound IMAX 3D cameras. Award-winning documentary filmmaker Howard Hall returns after creating “Deep Sea 3D” and “Into The Deep 3D” and brings us his most stunning and stylistic work yet.

Taking us down into beautiful briny sea of the world’s awe inspiring underwater locations, we are catapulted into a wonderland of color. Filmed in both remote and exotic locations of Indonesia, Southern Australia and The Great Barrier Reef, and Papua New Guinea for example, we embark upon a world not seen by many.

An entire universe is below our waters, and replete with abundant color. From Great White Sharks, venomous dancing underwater sea snakes, giant sea turtles, and child-like sea lions, “Under the Sea” displays the innocent natural beauty of this other world in 3D unlike other films.

Mostly highlighted in this film is the symbiotic relationship many sea creatures have with each other. Each one is connected to the next, and how we as human beings are also connected to the sea with our actions to environment. What we take away is a feeling of the need to protect these precious areas.

The film is not only entertaining by also instructs us concerning global warming issues which can affect the underwater paradise’s survival, particularly- the coral reefs. There are many species of ocean wildlife which are rarely seen on film showcased, some of which many have not known to ever exist. Hall and his crew with about 8,000 pounds of gear, spent more than 350 hours underwater and 110 days to give us a story only the marine life there could tell.

The film is narrated by Jim Carrey and with an equally entertaining soundtrack of South Asian inspired rhythms. Visually stunning and colorfully entrancing as a whole, “Under The Sea” at its running time of 40 minutes long is well worth the trip to the IMAX theatre to see for the whole family.

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