Cinema Without Borders appoints Renee Leck as UK and France correspondent

Burbank, California, December 30th 2008 – Cinema Without Borders announced that Renee Leck, a CWB film critic, will represent the publication in UK and France as its correspondent.
“ We had been lucky to two great writers in the UK now, our Blogg Editor, Hollie Miller and our new correspondent Renee Leck. Renee will also cover France for us. Renee’s love for international cinema and poetry her knowledge of English language makes her a unique writer” Says Bijan Tehrani, Editor In Chief of Cinema Without Borders.

Renee Leck grew up as an only child in Morristown, NJ, a suburban community 45 minutes outside of NYC. After attending an all girls private high school she was accepted into Tufts University’s Class of 2010 has declared majors in English and Political Science. Since September 2008, Renee has been living and studying in London with University College London’s English Department. Renee Joined Cinema Without Borders in 2007 as a copy editor and a film critic.

About her new position for Cinema Without Borders Renee believes that: “Becoming a good writer is a process that requires constant practice and repetition. Working with Cinema Without Borders gives me the opportunity to refine these skills in an area I really love, international film.”


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