"Gogol Bordello Non-Stop" Wins Audience Award at MOFFOM


Music on Film, Film on Music (MOFFOM) in Prague, Czech Republic announced the award winners of 2008. The festival jury evaluated the best of the competition section entries; here are the authors and films who received the awards at the closing ceremony at Lucerna: the main prize was given to Maciej Pisarek’s SOLO. This Polish movie gives a true picture of the MOFFOM festival vision Music on Film-Film on Music. Two directors received honorable mentions: Jim Heneghan for Kiss Loves You and Ben Herson for African Underground: Democracy in Dakar.

Margarita Jimeno’s Gogol Bordello Non-Stop won the Audience Award at Music on Film, Film on Music (MOFFOM) in Prague, Czech Republic. A good reason for this film to win the audience award was the sold out screening of it in SvÄ›tozor cinema, where people were getting up from their seats dancing and the cinema almost turned out into one of the clubs appearing in the film.


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