Female Tamil Tigers the Subject of New WMM Release

Women Make Movies (WMM) (www.wmm.com), the independent production and Distribution Company focusing on films about women, has announced this week the release of “My Daughter The Terrorist”, a documentary that tackles the subject of female members of the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka.

Directed by Norwegian filmmaker Beate Arnestad, “My Daugher The Terrorist”was released in Norway in 2007. Since then the film has gone on to compete in a number of prominent international film festivals, including the South by Southwest Film Festival and the Ukranian International Film Festival.

The film has garnered international praise, and was named Best Feature Length Documentary at the Message to Man International Film Festival, where it was called, “A timely look at life inside a guerrilla organization, and the way the world appears to a terrorist.”

Arnestad Provides a unique perspective of an internationally labeled terrorist organization by taking an inside look at the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka through the eyes of female members. In doing so the film chronicles the stories of two twenty-four year old women who have been fighting with the Tamil’s for seven years as members of the groups elite Black Tigers force.

Through an exploration of the history of the conflict between the Tamil Tigers and the Sri Lankan army, along with interviews of the female fighters, filmmaker Beate Arnestad takes an objective approach to the Tamils’ struggle, showing both the reasons for their conflict and questioning the group’s violence.


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