Tofu, The Vegan Zombie “Zombie Dearest” is absolutely the cutest little family comedy. “Zombie Dearest” is the collaboration between two super talented people Creator William Vaughan and Lee Stringer; both are instructors at the Dave School. William Vaughan co-created the characters, co-wrote and produced. Lee Stinger co-wrote and directed. William and Lee put together a team of talented artists from the Dave School to bring Tofu’s world to life.

The entire production design had a nice warm feeling for a zombie film. (Smile.) “Zombie Dearest” features a brilliant cast with voices from Billy West, Ellen Muth, April Warren, Bridget Crowley (Tofu), and many other talented actors. Opening titles were a great intro nicely designed by the artists. The story centers on the cute little Tofu who is riding his tricycle in the hallway of his home.

The moment you see Tofu, a zombie boy with a piece of Tofu in his head you sneak a little smile. A wonderful piece of temptation crosses his path as he sees a door with multiple locks unlocked. He pushes the latch but is stopped suddenly by what seems to be the local friendly mad scientist Professor Vost. Professor Vost warns Tofu not to go in the room. He leaves walking down the hallway. Monkey #5 enters the scene being mischievous tempting Tofu by opening all the locks to see what is behind the door. What Monkey # 5 and Tofu find behind the door sets off a comical adventure that is sure to make you giggle.

My favorite part of the film is the cute little song at the very beginning. What a perfect piece of genius…I recommend seeing this film or checking out the killer website at The storyline expands on the web bringing you deeper into Tofu’s world. You can see the short online at the website or on You Tube, as it has built an audience of over 50k. Until the next time…is anyone craving vegetarian?


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