Angola Hopeful About The Future Of Its Film Industry

In the years to come, Angola will lay the groundwork for a more prolific system of film production, says the country’s minister of culture, Bonaventura Cardoso.

In an interview with Angola Press  Mr. Cardoso states that the construction of a Cinema Campus will help spur the production and distribution of Angolan cinema. The Campus will be under construction from 2009 to 2013.

Mr. Cardoso tells Angola Press, “A lot of things will change with the construction of the [Cinema Campus] and the image of cinema in Angola shall change completely. There is a need to have hope that we shall have better days in the Angolan cinema sphere”.

The minister stresses the importance of the Cinema Campus in nurturing future filmmakers, noting that the knowledge gained by the film students will enhance the quality of Angolan cinema.

While the minister acknowledges that gains need to be made in the Angolan film industry, in the interview Mr. Cardoso also gives praise to current successes in Angola cinema, including Zézé Gamboa’s 2005 film, “The Hero”.


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