Hollywood producer wants to make a Tamil Cinema

Vijay Amritraj, who has already produced Tamil movies like ‘Jeans’ is all set to make another movie in Tamil.
This time Amritraj is going with a new director and the selection for the new director is to be on a competition basis.
Sony’s TV channel has taken up the job of recruitment and for this they have selected 18 people and they will compete each other and the winner will direct the movie.
When asked, whether the movie will have big budget, Amritraj says “Its very riskier to make big budget Tamil movies. Its safe to go with lower or medium one. Tamil cinema has a good international market. The industry is in growing trend. Even then big budgets are not safe.”
On his plan to make Hollywood movie with Indian stars, he says that his experience in making Blood-stone has made him to go slow on this, immediately he also adds that he is very close friend of Rajini.


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