HollyShorts Short Film Showcase Returns This Week

HollyShorts, a monthly screening series of short films, returns on Friday, March 14 at the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles. The night will include 5 new acclaimed short films, and offer a Q&A; session with the filmmakers.
Friday’s lineup includes the following shorts:
The Chameleon by Elliott Owen (World Premiere) (8 minutes) (Comedy) Detective Jack T. Chameleon can become anyone or anything with his trusty fake mustache and aviator glasses. He is a legendary master of disguise, who will go deep undercover to crack the case.
Signerz by Roman Cortez (15 minutes) (Comedy) One sidewalk. Three challengers. Sixty seconds.
Parallel Cut by Edgar Metro (22 minutes) (Crime thriller) Edgar Metro sinfully brings to life the tragic events leading to the accidental death of John Gotti’s youngest son, and the revenge that follows.
Ghandi at the Bat by Stephanie Argy/Alec Boehm (11 minutes) (A baseball fable) Recently unearthed newsreel footage proves at last that Mohandas K. Gandhi pinch-hit for the New York Yankees in 1933, humbling the mighty Philadelphia Athletics.
68 & Clear by Dawn Westlake (12 minutes) (Drama) An eleven-year-old mugger saves the life of a 40-something suicidal widow. Just another day in Los Angeles, where it’s always 68 degrees and clear.

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