"The Raft", a short film directed by Jan Th端ring now released on DVD


A special collector’s edition of The Raft (Das Floß), one of the most awarded short films in the last two years, is now available on DVD. It contains more than 60 minutes bonus materials including limited original 35mm film frame. The film story is about two starved and exhausted castaways who are lost at sea. A seagull drops a fish to their raft and that is the moment to see what the real friendship is! The pre-production of the film took months due to camera tests, puppet construction, studio preparation and so on. The shooting itself took about six months and the post-production about one year and a half. At the end more than two years of intensive work!
Jan Thüring, director of the film says: “It was a hard struggle to achieve the quality of images that we wanted and it’s great that there is a Making of in which the whole procedure of the film is shown: from pre-production to film print.“
The film is produced by Daniel Mann and photographed by Wolfgang Wambach.
The DVD contains: Making Of – Director’s Commentary – Storyboard to Film Comparison – An alternate Ending – Gallery – Bonus Clips – Bonus Film: “Endstation:Paradies” (Terminal: Paradise) by Jan Thüring
The Subtitles are in English, French, Japanese, and Persian.

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