ARRI Maximizes Lighting Options at NAB 2007


This year ARRI brings two major lighting tools to industry professionals: the ARRIMAX 18/12 and MaxMover automated stirrup.

ARRIMAX is being deemed as a perfect choice for productions requiring maximum light output. It combines the variable beam spread of a Fresnel and the light output of a PAR. The ARRIMAX uses a unique reflector concept for beam control that eliminates the need for spread lenses. The optical system with its 580mm (22.8”) diameter specular, flatted reflector is adjustable and provides continuous focus from 15° to¬ 50°. Because the ARRIMAX does not require a set of spread lenses, the shadow quality is sharper and easily cut.

ARRI provides new options this year for the MaxMover. The new automated stirrup offers remote pan, tilt and focus for large daylight and tungsten fixtures. Basically, users won’t have to be concerned about the problems of safety and cost with the fixtures as they can now be mounted on boom arms and other hard-to-reach locations and operated conveniently from the ground using simple analog control or via wired or wireless DMX. A unique snap-in mounting system allows fixtures up to 176 lbs. (80kg) to be converted quickly and easily from stand to remote operation.

The ARRIMAX and MaxMover, along with other ARRI products, will be on display at NAB in Booth #C10017.


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